Chicago Style Citation

Or: How I learned to love paper requirements

Citation Style

For the discipline of history the required stylistic citation guide is Chicago Citation. Students can have some difficulty with that at times because it may be unfamiliar compared to MLA or APA styles. I want to use this as a way to provide guidance and links to help you navigate citation.

Citation Help

The biggest thing to note about Chicago citation is that unlike MLA you will not cite within the text but, instead, cite via endnotes. You can insert an endnote in Microsoft Word simply by clicking on the Reference tab and selecting "insert endnote".

As for resources in terms of helping you navigate there are two readily accessible helps.

First - if you go to the Buhl Library website you'll see, under the Resources box, a "Citing Sources" link. In there you can access a Chicago citation guide which can give you guidance on how to cite websites, books, articles, and other resources.

Second - a more bare bones site for just easy access to "How to cite a book" and the like is the following. If you are unsure how to utilize Chicago style it might be best to begin with the Buhl Library resources and then move onto this one only after you've become comfortable with the citation style.