Citric Acid

Learn the wonders of Citric Acid

What is Citric Acid? (Background Check)

Citric acid is a weak organic tribasic acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is also an intermediate in the citric acid cycle which occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms.

Results of our research

Citric Acid is used in many different ways in our society and industry. Citric acid can be used for many different types of food, cleaning agents, blood acid regulator, and a lower-odor stop bath as part of the process for developing photographic film

CItric Acid is a major key to out industry

Citric Acid is not extremely hard to figure out but it takes nothing but a little science to figure it out

Method of determining the quantity of CItric Acid in soft drinks

My hypothesis (method) on trying to figure out the quantity of citric acid used in soft drinks would be to get the volume of the acid because that is equivalent to half of the Mbase times the Vbase. The procedure for finding this out would be to get the Mbase, then find the Vbase, and finally divide the two properties by 2 to get the Macid