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GSD Back to School 2021

Welcome Back!

The Germantown School District Technology Department will provide updates on technology initiatives, events and provide information to parents via a quarterly newsletter.

District Website & App

You may have already noticed, but the District has a new web design— A valuable component of this new design is the app that accompanies it. The app is available by searching Germantown School District, WI from your phone's app store. With the app, we hope to keep users up-to-date with access to school news, student stories, daily dining menus, upcoming events, documents, and more. Schools will still send direct emails through Skyward when necessary but may also switch to the app for information usually shared in their regular updates and newsletters.

You can download the app for free on both Google Play or the Apple App Store and select the entities that you'd like to follow. We suggest you follow the District in addition to whatever schools interest you.
Download for Android:
Download for iPhone:

Seesaw (K-2)/ Schoology (3-12)

For the 2021–22 school year, GSD will continue to use Schoology (Grades 3–12) and Seesaw (Grades K–2) as our learning management platforms.

Seesaw Information

If you are a parent or guardian of a student that used Seesaw last year, your child’s new class and teacher information will be automatically linked to your account. Please remember to use the Seesaw Family App, not the Seesaw Class App, to access your account.

If you are new to Seesaw or were unable to connect last year, your child’s classroom teacher will be sending home information on how to set up your account.

Schoology Information

Beginning this week, parents/guardians authorized to view information in Skyward should be receiving an email from Schoology. (If parents/guardians have separate email addresses indicated in Skyward, separate Schoology Parent accounts will be created.) For instructions on how to login, please refer to these steps (page 2). Login instructions for students can also be found here (page 1).

Please note that Student Courses in Schoology will appear on September 1. Until then, no courses will be visible to students or parents.

For additional information about either platform please visit Germantown’s Instructional Technology Website.

If you experience any problems with your parent or student Schoology or Seesaw account, please contact Julia Leeson (jleeson@gsdwi.og) or email our HelpDesk (

Borderless Classroom

Starting this fall, teachers will have access to a new technology platform called Borderless Classroom.

What is Borderless Classroom?

Borderless Classroom is a Chromebook management platform that allows teachers to monitor student devices during school hours (7:00 am–4:15 pm, Monday–Friday).

Teachers will be able to:

  • Share live video with students

  • Share their screen with the class, groups of students, or individual students

  • View students’ screens in real time

  • Redirect student devices using browser tab control

  • Lock down student devices for testing

  • Block or allow website access as needed for class

  • Send messages to individual students, groups of students, or with the class

  • Receive automatic class attendance records

  • Generate individual activity summary reports

Teachers will NOT be able to:

  • Turn a device on or off

  • Turn a device’s webcam on or off

  • See a student’s screen or webcam view when the device’s camera is in use

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Julia Leeson at

Digital Citizenship & Device Responsibility

Staff and students in the Germantown School District will exercise good digital citizenship practices:

  • Use school technologies only for teaching and learning-related activities;
  • Follow the same guidelines for safe, respectful, responsible behavior online that I am expected to follow offline;
  • Be cautious to protect the safety of myself and others;
  • Treat school technology tools/resources responsibly and alert staff if there is any problem with their operation;
  • Encourage positive, constructive discussion when collaborating or communicating;
  • Alert a teacher or other adult staff member if I see threatening/bullying, inappropriate, or harmful content (images, messages, posts) online;
  • Respect the intellectual and digital property rights of others by citing sources when appropriate;
  • Recognize that use of school technologies is a privilege and treat it as such;
  • Be mindful of media balance and monitor how much time I am are spending in front of a screen

Information for Parents

Teaching children good digital citizenship skills requires a partnership between the school district and families. It is important to have conversations with your child about best practices when using technology and modeling those best practices at home.

For more information about how to have conversations with your child or resources on digital citizenship please visit: Common Sense Media.

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Skyward Tips

Did you know that the Germantown School District has a resource folder for parents?

This folder has quick tips on how to navigate the Skyward Parent Portal.

To learn more about Skyward click a link below:

How to Log In (Family Access)

Family Access Overview

Student Portfolio Access

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