Virtue Squad Newsletter

June- September 2015

Note from your Director


Happy Fall to you!!!

It's time to get back into the groove. To be perfectly transparent with you all, this summer I was not invested in my business and was not excited about the products. My business has suffered and I feel as though I did you all an injustice at the same time. For that, I am truly sorry!

That being said, we are all at the control center of our business and it's time to get back in the captain seat! We all hear objections in our businesses, how are you handeling them? We all have choices to make when we get objections. Work our business and overcome the objections and grow or sucombe to the objections and continue on with no growth. In order to grow in our direct sales business we need to be willing to step into the relm of uncomfortablness. This business is not easy but I can give you the tools to grow. Give them a chance, let go to the objections and grow your business!

The challenges I offer to you are not just for an incentive, I offer them so you can work on specific parts of your business. So, when you see them please give them a chance!

I am always here for you to bounce ideas off of, to chat, to laugh if you need a laugh!

Lets kick this into high gear the biggest and best selling season is here! Use it to fill your bucket and your wallet!



Top Summer PV

1. Cathy Lanham $1,768

2. Shannon Townsend $1,423

3. Chrissy Dewey $1, 382

Congratulations ladies!!!

Top in Summer Parties

1. Chrissy Dewey- 4 Parties

2. Cathy Lanham - 3 Parties

3. Stacey Sears - 3 Parties

4. Sonia Johnson - 3 Parties

Congratulations Ladies!

Kathy's Summer PV and Parties

June- $1,716 5 Parties

July- $1,287 3 Parties

August- $2,646 5 Parties

September Top PV

1. Cathy Lanham $706.00

2. Shannon Townsend $419.00

3. Cheryl Driesbaugh $203.00

Congrats Ladies!!!!

September Top Party Gals

1. Cathy Lanham - 2 Parties

2. Shannon Townsend- 1 Party

3. Cheryl Driesbaugh - 1 Party

Congratulations ladies!

Kathy's September PV and Parties

$1,820.00 - 4 Parties