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Students will need to know their Apple ID username and password. I understand this may be causing some stress for the first day of school. While having this information ready for the first day will help things run smoothly, please let your student know we will still have an awesome first day if they don't know their apple information.


This September we will be focusing on launching units of study in math, science, reading and writing. Each one of these units, in order to launch, takes time because building expectations within each unit is essential. Look for math and science to be launched first, while reading and writing will begin after. We will also spend the beginning of the month building our learning environment.


Simple Machines

This unit focuses on levers and pulleys. Students will develop an understanding of different classes of levers and pulleys and how they provide an advantage when forcing object to move. Students will also collect and analyze data collected from simple machine experiments and draw conclusions based on the data.


Math will begin with some challenging activities inspiring the idea with students that they can learn anything. This week is about inspiring students through open, beautiful and creative math. We have chosen the different tasks so that students see math as a broad, interesting and visual subject that involves deep thinking. Students will learn important growth mindset messages that will help them feel confident, try harder all year, persist with open and difficult problems and embrace mistakes and challenge. All tasks are low floor and high ceiling – they are accessible to all students and they extend to high levels.

Then we begin Unit 1 in the new Everyday Math 4 which is being piloted by Mr. Soukup. Download the parent letter to find out more information about unit 1

Bullying Prevention

We will be proactive this year with bullying prevention. The goals of the Bullying Prevention Unit are to:
  • Develop specific student and staff knowledge and skills for preventing and dealing directly with bullying situations
  • Foster a climate of safety and respect for all

Language Arts

Comprehension Strategies:


Character Traits




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