Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade Class


Thursday, December 10th - Social Studies Assessment on Chapter 4
Friday, December 11th - Please return purple Test Folders by Friday
Wednesday, December 23rd - Holiday Sing in the morning & Holiday Party @ 2:00pm

Social Studies

The Chapter 4 Assessment will be this Thursday at 10:50am-11:30am and will focus on answering the essential question, How and Why did Europeans come to the New World? Students read the chapter text critically last week and worked towards synthesizing the new information with their thinking. They took the time to truly read and reflect on the information, and it is my hope that their understanding of the content has more meaning than simply memorizing the information.

Resources to Prepare:
Flash Cards
Class notes (use the notes to create questions for your child to answer)
Classroom website > Social Studies > Chapter 4 - Additional information/resources posted

Dive Day!
See below for pictures from our 'underwater artifacts and resources dive'. Ask your child what took place on Dive Day!

Please consider completing a 1st Marking Period elvation for me using the link below.


We wrapped with our review of dialogue on Monday and will move into our Poetry Unit for the month of December. I already told the kids that poetry does not have to be 'lovey dovey', so they were relieved to hear that. We are launching the unit by reviewing all types of poetry from silly to serious. Students will then examine the essential elements of poetry (line breaks, stanza, meter, rhyme scheme and repetition). We will spend the rest of the month having fun with words in a creative way! Be on the lookout for some impressive poetry!

Geography Bee

Congratulations to Riley and Liam who will be representing our class at this year's Geography Bee!