Survival Guide to The Cold Pole

By: Ryann Fatheree

Climate and Geography

The Cold Pole is in Europe and has a polar climate. The temperatures range from about 50 degrees Fahrenheit in January to temperatures anywhere below freezing in October through April.

Steps to Surviving

1. Build a Shelter. Use tree branches, brush and any other materials.

2. Find moss to make a Fire

3. Find a Reindeer to kill

4. Use the meat and fur from the reindeer for food and clothing

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Reindeer can be very helpful! The fur can be used for clothing. Meat from a reindeer can also be a food source. A reindeer can not be very dangerous. Three of the species of animals are Reindeer, Wolf, and Polar Bear.


Moss trees can be very helpful because the moss is flammable and can easily start a fire. It can be dangerous because if you have to much moss in your fire it can be very big and can cause harm. It is not a likely food source and it is not poisonous. Three of the types of plants are Moss Trees, Fir Trees, and Pine Trees.