Students enrolled in Online Courses should be 90% Completed!


Can you believe with only four weeks remaining of our school year that we also have at least 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground? Our littles will be happy that the sledding hill has some fresh powder to play in until it starts to melt again. With our school year quickly wrapping up we have so much left to do. It seems like there can't possibly be enough time to get it all done! But as in the past, we will manage and do our best to serve our families.

A few families have reached out to ask questions regarding whether Family Partnership's changing of status will have any impact on us. As of right now, the only impact we are experiencing is a slight increase in people who are leaving their previous school. PAIDEIA will continue to be an exemplary example of how well we work with families to provide the best possible homeschool education and supports for parents.

This summer will be full of changes for PAIDEIA, the best news for you as families as there will only be positive impacts for your student! One change will be that our school will be taking over as ASD's online learning provider. We will support the online learning platforms for the entire school district. Our staff has grown to support these students.

The second big change for us will be that pending board approval next month, our school will undergo a name change to AKChoice K-12 Learning. This new name encompasses all that we have to offer our families. The choice to make the best educational decisions for their student and family. More information will be provided to families as changes occur.

Social Media Posts

There are many platforms for parents to support our school and all the amazing opportunities we can provide students. As other schools recently have been at the center of obstacles, we continue to be steadfast in our mission. However, we have a lessened presence of support on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. For those of you who have social media platforms, please consider sharing your personal success stories and recommending our school on Facebook, Instagram, and homeschool networks. We appreciate any positive experiences that can be shared with families looking for new options. One parent to another is the best recommendation our school can get.

2023 PAIDEIA Summer School Options-PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP

Summer School is coming up quicker than anyone can imagine, and I wanted to share our opportunities as space is limited.

Almost all summer options are free for PAIDEIA students.

Please reach out to your advisory teacher for additional questions.

PAIDEIA Summer School Catalog

PAIDEIA Summer School Registration Form

FastBridge Testing is now MClass

The State of Alaska and the Alaska Reads Act have enforced a change regarding K-2 testing. Instead of utilizing FastBridge, we will change to a more student-focused test called MClass. Staff are currently being trained and will communicate testing windows to come.


PAIDEIA's Graduation will be May 5th at 12:00 pm at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

SENIOR'S Last day is April 28th. Seniors participating in online classes must have courses complete by April 28th at 11:59 pm or risk not walking and or graduating. Please ensure you are good to go!

Please work with Joann, Emily, or Amy to complete graduation tasks. Get your photos in ASAP.

Use this LINK to drop photos or email them directly to


Click here to see our calendar.

Second Semester Important Dates

Alaska Junior Theater Friday, April 21 at 12:00

Alaska Botanical Garden Field Trip 4/26 10:30 am

Bingo for Books 4/27

Seniors Last Day 4/28

PAIDEIA School Last Day 5/4

Senior Graduation 5/5 @ 12 pm Alaska Native Heritage Center

Receipts/Reimbursements DEADLINE IS APPROACHING

Families can submit receipts in OLS now until April 14th for items purchased to support student learning plans. Please remember that purchases should be approved by the advisor and need to be attached to a class. If you have any questions please refer to the handbook or reach out to your child's advisor for additional questions. Currently, the school district is taking considerably longer than normal to process reimbursements, please submit receipts soon.

DEADLINE 2nd Semester 3:00 PM April 21, 2023, for purchases dated 12/1/22 - 4/14/23

Please remember receipts need to include certain details. Please see the attached document to ensure the receipt has the correct information.

USE OLS for Submitting Receipts

Parents can now create an account (or access one set up last year) and upload receipts for reimbursement. In order to start this process please review the following videos located on our webpage (click) OLS. You can access the videos either on the New Families or Returning Families tab.

Remember that your advisory teacher will need to approve receipts.

Once in OLS you will fill out a Print Reimbursement Form after you have uploaded receipts

Big picture
Big picture

Once submitted the form will be saved in OLS and used to cross reference submitted receipts.

Canvas Parent Observer Account (2nd Semester)

This will come in handy after your child(ren) are signed up for classes in Canvas. Parents who have students in Canvas classes can sign up for an observer account. This allows parents/guardians to view grades and missing assignments. Please use the following link for directions on how to set up an observer account.

Families who have general questions about OLS, vendors, and or receipts/reimbursements can send an email ticket to More specific questions about students' needs should be sent to the advisory teacher.

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