Kindergarten Summer Fun

Welcome to our Summer Class!!!!!

Alphabet Song with Letter Sounds

Let's practice the alphabet and letter sounds!
ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children - Alphabet Song with Two Words for Each Letter

Read Hello Ocean

🏖️ Kids Book Read Aloud: HELLO OCEAN by Pam Muñoz Ryan and Mark Astrella

Tell Ms. Wynn your favorite part!

My favorite part of Hello Ocean was:

Draw a picture about your favorite part of the story. Be sure to label it! Then, write 3 sentences about it. Read your sentences to someone in your family.

Underwater Math Fun!

Under Water Math Counting Game

Practice counting to 5 and 10 here! So much fun!

Whale Watching!

Watch a Beluga Whale Live! Draw and and color a picture about what you see.

Fun Craft! Make an Ocean Drum.

TIME TO DANCE! Get up and dance to Baby Shark!

Baby Shark Dance and more | World Oceans Day | +Compilation | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Fun Animal Sorting Activity

Who's your ocean buddy?

Write your name on a piece of paper. Say the letters out loud. As you listen to the story, find an ocean animal with the same first letter as you. Write the name of the animal. You can sound it out. Then draw a picture of it. Get a parent to help you find more information about your new ocean buddy.
The OCEAN Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta. Grandma Annii's Storytime
Play Monster Matching Game

Practice letter sounds and letter names with Monster Matchup.

Listen to Rainbow Fish

[Special Effects] The Rainbow Fish | Read Aloud Books for Children

When I was a Super Sharer

In the story, Rainbow Fish learned about the importance of sharing, think about a time when you shared something with a friend or family member. Draw a picture of you sharing and write 2 sentences about it. Don't forget to label your picture.

Math Fun

Count the numbers of scales on your rainbow fish. Try to write the number. Now try "building the number with unifix cubes!
Unifix Cubes

Build the number of scales on your rainbow fish.

Beginning Sounds Practice

Practice Beginning sounds with animals.

Middle Sound Practice

Ending Sounds Practice

Does it sink or Float?

Watch the video. Then ask a grown up to help you select items to use in your own experiment. Record your findings on the document or on a plain sheet of paper. Remember, you are scientists! First you will predict what you think will happen, then you will record what actually happened.
Sink or Float | Activities for Kids
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Count the Fish!

Play the Counting Fish Game on abcya!

Alphabet Zoo

Get up and boogie to Alphabet Zoo. Grab a partner to sing and dance with you!
Alphabet Zoo | ABC Song for Kids | Alphabet Song | Jack Hartmann

Read it again!

Read the book again. This time count along and point at each picture.

Practice counting to ten by moving the beads from one end to the other, counting as you go.

Your Choice

Choose a book from the Zoo Atlanta Site to read.

Make a Book Report

Write your name and the title of the book you read. Then draw a picture about your favorite part.
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Sorting Fun!

Sorting activity with animals

Cut out pictures of animals and find ways to sort them. You might sort them by where they live (in the water or on land), the kinds of foods they eat, or how many legs they have. There are so many cool ways to sort.
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Read Aloud: Some pets

Some Pets | Read Aloud Story for Kids

Some pets

Choose 1:

Draw and label a picture of your pet. Write 2 sentences about your pet. What is it's name? What does it like to do?


Draw and label a picture of a pet you would like to have. Write 2 sentences. What would you name it? What would you do with it?

What Do Animals Need?

What do animals need?

Watch 4 of these videos to find out what animals need. You don't need to do this all at one time. Just remember to write down 1 or things that animals need from each video.
Make your own animal story book!

Make your own book about what animals need. Be sure to share it with Ms. Wynn. Ask a grown up to help you.

Listen to 10 Magical Butterflies

Ten Magic Butterflies - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

You are unique!

You are special.

One of a kind.

You have your own heart,

And your own unique mind.

Friends, you are all unique. That means special. There is only one you! Make a book that tells us all about you!

All About Me Book

Use this template to make your book.

Listen to 14 Cows for America by Mrs. Williams

Recording #1

Choose 14 Acts of Kindness

In the book 14 Cows for America, the Maasai people gave away fourteen cows to show kindness. Choose 14 acts of kindness to complete over your summer break! Send us some pictures of you completing these good deeds!
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Sight word practice

Practice Rhyming Words

Letter Practice

Free Online Books

Check out Mrs. McElveen's Reading Page!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Surprise By Theresa Martin Golding | Children's Book Read Aloud
Rolling Thunder - Memorial Day (Read Aloud)

Project Alert

Complete one of the ideas listed here in recognition of Memorial Day. Send us some pictures!