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Dear AIESEC Seattle members,

This is the official weekly newsletter to keep everyone updated! If you have important announcements to make please contact Talent Management members: Jack Zaw, Angie Fung, and Mohammad Al. A lot of information this week!

Shout Outs!

Task Force and the LC: Thanks for the LC efforts in helping reach "70". 3 Weeks left! Keep up with the good work everyone. :)

Justin: taking on more EPs this week.

Angie: I don't know how she is able to plan Foster Business Week and also helping out with the one time event. Super Sophomore abilities, probably!

Newbies: stepping up and integrating into our AIESEC functions during this busy time of Spring Peak!

Amazing Amber: doing 1:1 with all the MOGX members!

Spring Retreat OC: looking forward to what you guys have planned for us!

Happening this Week & Functional Updates


1. Bring your laptops tomorrow

2. More Fun and Games

3. Andre's Session on Mind Valley

IGT: Had a sales meeting for a potential deal for Spanish, Portuguese and French native speakers to break language barriers with key countries they had operations in: Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

IGC: Jasmine met with a Japanese consulate and Lily met with Mary's Place today. Lily is calling DESCRIBE on Thursday. iGC has 3 pipelines so far with YMCA and Mary's Place and will work on fundraising in the llowing weeks.


  • Marketing: Working on with the one time event next Wednesday and a movie screening planned for next week Friday.
  • OGC: OPS planning and will be on May 26th at Alder Hall
  • OGT: Have a few EPs who are in their interviewing process!

Housing Help for an IGT EP!

"Our housing partner for our EP who is coming to Horizon is not able to provide housing anymore. This is the only thing keeping us to match this opportunity." - Andre

If anyone is willing to host him, please contact Andre! He would get here on the weekend of June 18th and start work on June 20th! The goal is to be able to host him for a least 6 weeks so it can officially be an AIESEC program!

Upcoming Events!

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Internship 101: How to Benefit the Most from an Internship.

Monday, May 16th, 6:30-8pm

4277 West Stevens Way Northeast

Seattle, WA

Since we are affiliated with Foster's as an RSO, here is a great opportunity for you. Learn how to gain the most from an internship from experts from Apple, Microsoft and Deloitte! Come join AIESEC SEATTLE for a panel event focusing on internships.
In addition, learn about traveling abroad with AIESEC SEATTLE. You will be able to sign up to travel abroad at this event. In addition, grab a small snack during the event, food will be provided.


There will be a 30 minute networking event after the panel.

Scott Jensen - National Sales Leader, DGES at Deloitte LLP
Tatiana Roche - Apple
Arcadiy Kantor - Program Manager at Microsoft

More information on Facebook:

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Wednesday, May 18th, 6:30pm

Dempsey Hall (DEM), Seattle, WA, United States

Seattle, WA

This is our one time big event, planned out by our dedicated and hardworking task force members. We are proud to present "Empowering Women Forward" to discuss women empowerment in the workplace and to provide women leadership’s perspectives in the tech industry. Hope to see you all there to support our fellow LC Members effort in making this event happen!

Here is a list of speakers who will present at the event:

Siren’s CEO, Susie Lee

Zillow’s Vice President of Products, Rebekah BastianAda Developers Academy’s executive director (former Microsoft program manager) Cynthia Tee

More information about the event can be found on Facebook.

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Saturday, May 21st, 9pm

27108 162nd Street Southeast

Monroe, WA

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Looking for an opportunity to expand your AIESEC experience during the Summer?

Registration is finally Open for Summer National Conference in Indianapolis, IN! The conference will be held from August 7th - 11th and have an attendee fee of $250 (until June 17th). Check out for all the details.

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Stroll along night market with AIESEC members! (Potential Bonding)

Saturday, May 14th, 5:30-10:30pm

4063 Spokane Lane

Seattle, WA

If anyone is interested in going together, it will be a great opportunity to bond on your spare time!

AIESEC's Leadership Developement Model

A reminder of what our growth and leadership development model is!

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Spring Peak Season

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