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It's officially summer break!!! Here are some ART websites & YouTube channels to keep you creating over the summer!

Memorial Day is May 25th!

Draw this flag with Rob @ AHFK to Honor those that served our country!

Click the video below!

How To Draw The American Flag

Visit the Crayola website to find fun Art activities to create!

Click the link below!
5 Paper Father's Day DIYs - Make Paper Gifts for Dad with these easy Homemade Paper DIYs
Muffalo Potato

Draw with letters and numbers!

How to Draw An ICE CREAM CONE with Muffalo Potato

Week of 5/4/2020

Happy First Week of May!

In this Art issue, we will be inspired by special events & celebrations happening during this time.

Our artist of the week is Keith Haring. While he died in 1990, people all of the world still celebrate his birthday on May 4th.

May 5th is Cinco De Mayo! We'll take a look at why people celebrate Cinco De Mayo and learn about the art of the Papel Picado. We'll also learn how this art form is used during this special time of celebration.

We also get to celebrate the special people in our life with Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day this Sunday! Perhaps we can be inspired by Keith Haring & the art of Papel Picado to make something special for the teachers and special grown-ups in our life :-).

Let's get started!

Artist of the week: Keith Haring

Keith Allen Haring was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. Haring is recognized not only for his artistic strengths but also for his ability to use his art to raise awareness for causes near and dear to his heart.

Let's read Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing to learn more about this gamechanger of an artist. Click on the video below.

Mr. Guera Reads ...Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

Now that we know a little bit about Keith Haring, let's try to create art inspired by this artist. Click on the video below & draw along with art educator Mr. Schuette.

Remember: You can use the supplies you have on hand. If you don't have paint, you can use markers. Also, stop the video if he goes too fast then play again when you are caught up.
Keith Haring EASY Step by Step Art PROJECT - for Kids w/ Art History #keithharing #mrschuettesart
Big picture


Watch the short video below to learn about Cinco De Mayo.
What is Cinco de Mayo?

Papel Picado - Mexican Folk Art

Did you know that you can decorate for Cinco De Mayo by creating Papel Picados?

Papel Picado is the name given to the tissue paper flags chiseled with a variety of patterns and used to decorate building and streets during secular and religious celebrations in Mexico.

Let's listen and watch Elena Garcia as she demonstrates how to make these festive picados by cutting tissue paper. Be sure to listen to Garcia's stories & how creating Papel Picados enriched her childhood!

DIY Papel Picado (Mexican Perforated Paper)

Teacher Appreciation Week & Mother's Day....

In this issue of our Art newsletter, we have learned a lot about two different ways of creating art. This week, take some time to practice drawing in the style of Keith Harring. Get some paper or tissue paper if you have it, and (with a grown-up's permission), practice cutting paper to create Papel Picados.

Art Activity for the week: Draw the Keith Haring heart art included in this newsletter or create some papel picados to decorate the house for your mom (or a special lady in your life :-). If you're feeling REALLY artsy, DO BOTH! Your grown-up will LOVE IT!!

Week of 4/27/20

Art Entry of the Week: Kavannah Rowe!

Good Job Kavannah Rowe! Kavannah completed last week's Earth Art challenge with flying colors! Check out her earth art:

Artist of the Week: Charley Harper

Charley Harper is one of my favorite artists to share with my students. He was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations.

His art is minimalistic but still filled with whimsical themes and creative use of lines and shapes. When creating the subject of his art, Harper often strayed away from traditional realistic images, and he often left out the fine details. Instead, he created simple and flat figures.

Let's take a look at some of his art. Click the link below.

Did you notice any common themes in his art? Hopefully you said yes and noticed that he loved wildlife; his artwork almost always featured animals.

Harper's most popular images are of birds. After viewing his artwork, which image do you think was created by Charley Harper?

If you chose the image in the middle, you are correct!

Harper's animals tend to show less expression than the the first image which is of the Angry Bird. Artist John Audubon's bird in the third image displays fine details to create a traditional, realistic bird. However the image in the middle, created by Harper, displays a simple yet modern and stylized bird.

Big picture

Drawing challenge of the week:

Speaking of the Angry bird...

Try drawing the Angry Bird using the number 3 and letters C, W, V, Y, R, L, O, & N.

Can you do it? Sure you can! Hop over and draw with Muffalo Potato to give it a go!

(click the link below)

Want to share your art with me?

I would love to see anything you have created and want to share.

You can take a picture of your masterpiece and email me at

or share it through ClassDojo!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy & be creative!

Love, Mrs. Wilson

Week of 4/20/20

Big picture

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Thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Big picture

Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day! This week we will learn why we celebrate Earth Day and how we can celebrate our planet through art!

WHAT IS EARTH DAY? (Click on the link below)


Some artists reject traditional gallery and museum spaces. Instead, they create and feature their work outside in its natural setting. Let's learn about LAND ART.

Read this short article from TateKids:


Top 50 Most Awesome Land Art In The World: (Click on the link below)


Go outside and collect items that you can use to create your own earth art masterpiece!

Click here for steps on how to get started from a real Land Artist, Richard Schilling:

*Remember to use items that have already fallen to the ground, (we do not want to hurt our plants and trees :-).

Want to share your art with me?

I would love to see anything you have created and want to share.

You can take a picture of your masterpiece and email me at

or share it through ClassDojo!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy & be creative!

Love, Mrs. Wilson

Week of 4/13/20

Over the next few weeks, we will continue learning and making art with activities and videos that I will post in this newsletter. The activities are optional but will provide a way for you to stay connected to the world of art. Each week I will feature an art website to explore, an art activity, and last but not least a drawing challenge! Be sure to get your family involved and explore and create together!

Website of the week: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Click on the link below to take a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Explore the Map section and see over 5,000 years of art from across the globe!

Hop in the Time Machine and program your destination to explore worlds of art!

On the Video page, watch featured videos and then head over to the show me and create pages to engage in different art activities.

Art Activity for the week: Found object color wheel

1. Watch this short video to learn about the color wheel and how to arrange your found objects.

2. Have fun hunting around your house for colors and objects to create your color wheel. (You can also construct a rainbow with your found objects!)

3. Take a picture of your color wheel! (This is optional. You do not have to post in google classroom, but if you would like to send me a picture, you can send via email to or through Class Dojo :-)

Drawing Challenge: Alphabet Drawing Prompt

1. Write each letter of the alphabet on a small sheet of paper.

2. Put all the pieces of paper in a bag, cup or bowl.

*If you wrote out each letter of the alphabet on individual pieces of paper,

how many pieces of paper will you put in the bag, cup or bowl?

3. One at a time, pull a letter from the bag, cup or bowl.

4. Draw a person, place or thing that starts with the letter you pulled.

*For added fun, play with a grown-up or your sibling. Take turns pulling a letter and guessing the picture!

Want to share your art with me?

I would love to see anything you have created and want to share.

You can take a picture of your masterpiece and email me at

or share it through ClassDojo!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy & be creative!

Love, Mrs. Wilson

Week of 4/6/20

Website of the week: Tate Kids

Spend some time exploring this website. Go to the Make section, and try your hand at one of the art activities. Go to the Game section and turn yourself into a superhero or get creative and make your own masterpiece with Tate Paints! Just double click on the link below or double click on the TateKids picture.

Drawing Challenge of the week:

Pick something either in your house or outside to draw. Observe all the details; the texture, the size, proportion, and lines. When you draw the object try to include as many of the details as possible.

Next, on a separate piece of paper, draw the same object again. This time with your eyes closed. Use your memory to recall all of the details of the item you chose to draw.

When you are done, put both drawings side by side. How did you do? What details were you able to recall and illustrate? How did you feel while drawing with your eyes closed?

Did you know that you just created something similar to a blind contour drawing?

Blind Contour drawing means drawing the outline of the subject without looking at the paper.

This allows your hand to learn to draw what your eyes are truly seeing by feeling the lines and angles of the subject. How cool is that?

Big picture

Want to share your creations with me?

I would love to see anything you have created and want to share.

You can take a picture of your masterpiece and email me at

or share it through ClassDojo!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy & be creative!

Love, Mrs. Wilson