Japanese Maglev Trains

By Sarah Engel

The Facts

Instead of wheels the trains are propelled by electromagnetic forces. So, they basically run on magnets and when done this train, with 16 cars will be able to carry 1000 people! It is estimated that it will be operating in 2027. This train is known as maglev which is short for magnetic levitation.

Smooth, Quiet, Fast

This train broke records when it was tested because it can go up to 311mph. That is twice the speed of America's fastest bullet train that is currently operational. The guests that got to ride the train when it's speed was being tested said that they could not hear the train running or feel any disturbances. This proves that the train is smoother, quieter, and faster than the average train.

Who Thought of It

The idea for this train has been around since the middle of the twentieth century. The first person to think of this idea was James Powell in 1968. He was a researcher at Brookhaven National Lab when he thought of this amazing concept. The idea of a hover train.
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