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The Practice of Quieting the Mind

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About the Website

This all-encompassing yoga website offers a variety of online yoga classes. There are restorative yoga classes, yoga for healing, yoga and ayurveda practices and yoga for the morning and night. Yoga news, meditation, food and health as well as the topic of tantra are also available.


In order to access the various classes , you need to be a member which costs money. Although, you start off with a 7 day free trial. You are required to enter your email address, and credit card number if wanted to buy the full version. The website is also "User Friendly". Incredibly reliable, thoughtful, and steady content is continuously being provided. The videos are given modifications for difficulty levels, so a user has a bit of control over their account. That's my favorite function of this website. The loading times aren't very slow, and provide simple and intuitive navigation. The app does allow the student to exit at any time without losing progress on what videos they've watched, or articles they've read. On the other hands, there's so much going on on one page, so it looks slightly crowded. Even then, I would definitely recommend this website to friend who is interested in yoga.

The Benefit?

Yoga gives you all round fitness, weight loss, stress relief, inner peace, improved immunity, living with greater awareness, better relationships and much more! Many people come to yoga looking for help with a specific condition, like low back pain, headaches, heart disease, menstrual discomfort, cancer, etc. And in fact, it has long been known that certain exercises and combinations of breath and meditation are very helpful in restoring the body, nervous system and immune system to a state of health and wellness. With this website, you can master all the concepts of yoga, and live a comfortable life.

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