Garage Sale!

All profit goes to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation****


Representatives in your neighborhood will be collecting used items that can be resold at the garage sale. Please contact these representatives for more information on where to leave these objects.

Items Needed:




Household items (decorations, kitchen utensils,furniture)

***No underwear please- it is incredibly unpleasant for volunteers helping to set up the garage sale to have to dispose of these items***

Image Credits:

"Garage Sale Junk." Pixabay.


Donating your time is just as important as donating money. If you or someone you know is available to help out before, after, or during the garage sale, there are many positions that lack volunteers.

Helping before the garage sale:

Sorting the items donated

Pricing the items

Lifting and setting up tables

Transportation of items to be sold

Displaying and setting up the items on their appropriate tables

Helping during the garage sale:

Providing refreshments

Selling items

Collecting money at the cash register

Carrying furniture or heavier items to cars

Restocking depleted areas

Helping after the garage sale:

Cleaning up

Dismantling tables and returning them to their owners

Bagging remaining items

Driving bagged items to a nearby charity

Sending the money to the Dravet Foundation

To sign up as a volunteer, add your name and contact information to the sign up sheet on the door of your local representative. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Image Credits:

"Volunteer." Pixabay.


Even with the volunteers and donations, everything would be for nothing if not for the people supporting the garage sale through purchases made there. If you are unable to volunteer or donate, it would be extremely helpful if you were to stop by the site of the sale for a while and browse around. If you find something of interest, feel free to buy it. Even without making a purchase, the people milling about may help draw a crowd. Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Image Credits:

"People." Pixabay.

Dravet Foundation Garage Sale

Tuesday, June 23rd, 8am-3pm

Coppell, TX, United States

Coppell, TX

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