The country not the food

It's part in the European Union

Turkey is not part of the European Union, however it is a candidate country. Turkey applied to be in the European Union in 1987, was a confirmed candidate in December of 1999, and started negotiations in October of 2005.

History of Turkey

Turkey was not apart of any other country at anytime. Turkey is located in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, close to Africa. Turkey's location is thought to be highly strategic since they have control of the straits between the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Seas.

Turkish Flag

Turkey had many flags, a crest was on almost everyone.

Turkey's Capital and 4 major cities


  • Ankara

Major Cities

  • Istanbul
  • Izmir
  • Bursa
  • Adana

Turkey's Tourist attractions

  • Istanbul: Great buildings and beautiful architecture
  • Goreme: Town made and carved from volcanic rock
  • Urgup: Known for its old cave dwellings

Geography of Turkey

Turkey is divided into 7 geo graphical regions Marara, Agean, Mediteranean, Southeastern, Eastern, Blacksea, and Central Anatolia.

Government and Currency of Turkey


Turkey's government type is Parliamentary Democracy.


Turkey uses Turkish Lira as their currency.

3 interesting facts about Turkey

  1. A Turkish Lira is equal to 0.35 in US dollars
  2. Basketball and volleyball are also popular sports in turkey
  3. The total land area of Turkey is slightly larger than the state of Texas.


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