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Navagating Student Success

In October, 2004, a plane carrying 10 passengers crashed killing everyone onboard. The crash gained a lot of attention at the time because the two of the passengers; Ricky Hendricks and John Hendricks were well known NASCAR drivers en route to a race in Martinsville, Virginia. The investigation of the crash uncovered devastating news. The cause of the crash was pilot error. Even though the pilot had tons of data at his disposal, the pilot did not use all available navigation aids when attempting to land. That ended up being a fatal mistake. The pilot, who is trained in aviation, was the one in charge of the plane and the safety of the passengers. Much like the pilot, we have data to use at our disposal. We have students depending on us to guide them in the right direction and land them safely to their destination. We have a multitude of navigation tools available to us but we must choose to use them. Our student data must drive our planning and instruction. If we do not use the data at our fingertips the cause of student failure is teacher error. We have the knowledge and training to ensure that our students are successful; we must choose to use the tools available to us as we make our instructional plans to help guarantee student success. Here’s to a safe landing!