The wonderful World Of Technology

Who are the worlds most famous computer scientist?

Who is Tim Berners-Lee?

What did tim do to become famous? He created the world wide web! he was an amazing computer scientist.....

He was born on the 8th of June 1955 in London.He is now age 59.He studied physics at Oxford university.Tim has helped us and our future generations alot. If we didn't have the world wide web that Tim created what would we do!!!???

Who is Alan Turing?

Alan Turing was a British computer scientist. He wasn't just a computer scientist he was also a mathematical biologist and lots more! he was born in June 1912. He died in June 1954. He had one brother called John. During WW11 Alan designed a code breaker for German ciphers. Turing was sadly prosecuted for homosexual actions.He died by eating an apple with poison in it.
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Computer generation 1

The beginning of commercial computer age is from the Universal automatic Computer (UNIVAC). It was created by two scientists named... Mauchly and Echert.The first generations of comupters were used in 1942-1955.They were based on vacum tubes.Example of a first generation computer is ENIVAC.

Computer generation 2

The second generation computers used transistors. The people who created it were John Barden, William Brattain and William Shockley. The size of the computers was decreased.

Computer generation 3

The third generation computers used is the intergrated circits(IC).Jack Kilby created concept grated circuit in 1958. It was an important invention in the computer field. The first IC was invented and used in 1961.The computer became smaller in size,faster,more reliable and less expensive

Computer generation 4

The fourth generation computers started with the invention of Microprocessor. The Microprocessor contains thousands of ICs.Ted hoff produced the first microprocessor in 1971 for Intel. It was known as Intel 4004. The technology of integrated circuits improved rapidly. The LSI (Large Scale Integration) circuit and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) circuit was designed. It greatly reduced the size of computer. The size of modern Microprocessors is usually one square inch. It can contain millions of electronic circuits. The examples of fourth generation computers are Apple Macintosh & IBM PC.

Old computer:

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New Computer:

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A Brief History of Computers

What are Input devices?

Input devices are basically a piece of computer hardware equipment. It is mainly used to provide data. Examples of Input is a keyboard,mice,webcams ect..because it connected to the computer and shows on the screen in some way.

What is an output device?

An output device is a thing that send things to the other device by a signal. Example: A computer to a Printer.They are both connected by a signal that tells them to print this. sometimes when you first set up an output device you need to let the computer know.You can do that in various ways.

Other Amazing Things About Computers

Computers are so amazing you wouldn't even realise it! Computers have amazing history but they have came very far from that now.Today we have hardrives and webcams... things you can connect to the computer just to get pictures or data.We also have things like raspberry pi..

What is Raspberry pi??

Raspberry pi is an affordable computer programming app for kids. The idea came in 2006.You can do everything imaginable.imaginable. Eben Upton created this wonderful app. It is based on the Cambridge university A level students.

What are Hardrives?

Hardrives are things you can connect to the computer. either to revive data or give data to another device.