Andrew Jackson is a HERO

President Jackson was a hero during his presidency


Andrew Jackson was a well known hero to many common men for many reasons. He aided ordinary people and changed some of the laws that favored only the wealthy.

Andrew Jackson set a tariff (a tax on imported goods) during his presidency. The southern states (specifically South Carolina) were agitated about this tariff.South Carolina threatened to to secede from the U.S. ; causing Jackson to place The Force Bill. The Force Bill was a way for Jackson to get the southern states to pay the tariff guaranteed. After much discussion Jackson came up with a compromise, the compromise of 1833.

President Jackson, being a former common man, was very understanding of the less wealthy people of the U.S. He payed attention to the things that were happening to common people, and felt like he needed to make a change to it. Jackson passes a veto over the National Bank. He felt that the National Bank only favored the wealthy. The National Bank was only for people who had so much money they had no place to put it, the common people didn't have too much money and therefore didn't need the National Bank, they felt it mocked them.

Because Jackson felt that the National bank was corrupt, he killed the national bank with a veto. The National Bank was demolished and broken, and Jackson was satisfied with the common men being happy. Jackson decided that not only wealthy men should have a shot at a job in the white house. Jackson gave jobs to common men with the dream of being in the White House.

" King Jackson "

This picture is showing Andrew Jackson as a king. The artist feels that President Jackson is abusive of his power. Jackson uses the veto more than any other previous president. The artist believes that Jackson is wrong for abusing his power and shutting down the national bank.
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