WMS Tech Tips

Videos In Your Classroom

Our limited budget make it unlikely our VHS collection will be replaced anytime soon. This means most of us depend on locating appropriate videos online. Since every second one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube, it is the source educators consult most often. Below are some tips and tricks for using YouTube.

Purify Video Background

Watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the 'other' things. Click here for an example. You can add the icon to your toolbar and just click it when you find the video you want. The background will be all white or black depending on your preference.

Tips for Using YouTube

  • Link to a specific time in a video
    If you want to link to a video at a specific time, you can add #t=XXs to the URL where XX is a variable which represents the number of seconds after which the video will start.
  • Speed Up With Keyboard Shortcuts

    When you are watching a video, click on it and you can then use the spacebar as a pause/play button.

    The left and right arrows work as rewind and fast forward shortcut keys, while the up and down arrows will control the volume.

    Home and end are also handy shortcuts — home takes you back to the beginning of a video while end does the opposite.

  • Get Better at Search

    In addition to the usual "quotations marks" to search for a specific term, plus or minus signs to include or omit results, use of "INTITLE:term" to ensure the word you're looking for appears in the video's title. Adding "HD" to your search query will return high-def results while "3D" does the same for three-dimensional content.

  • Customize Your Captions

    Consider using YouTube captions to provide literacy support for diverse learners.

    You can change the caption default font, foreground and background colors and make them larger or smaller. To change your captions settings when viewing a video, click on the "CC" icon, then choose "Settings.