Al Capone Aka "scareface"

Jayden Jones

Al Capone Early Life

Al Capone was born on January 17th, 1899. He was born in Brooklyn, NYC, NC.

Al Capone went to school from kindergarten to sixth grade. At 14 years old, Al got expelled for starting a fist fight with a teacher. He didn't come back to school.

AL Capone

Capone's Crime

Capone started a life of crime at a young age. He met a young, convict named Johnny Torrio, who introduced Al into a life of bootlegging, prostitution and gambling. His worst crime was titled the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. He was rivals with another bootlegger, Bugs Moran. Capone's men killed six of Moran's associates in a warehouse. Capone was never charged with this crime because he was in Florida with his girlfriend.

Prison For Capone

Al was sent to state prison on October 17th of 1931 for caring a concealed weapon . When he was in the state prison he brought his own things, like Oriental rugs, a couch, a music box and paintings. Capone was sent to Alcatraz on January 6 of 1939 for not following the rules of the state prison and tax evasion.

His Final days

Al died at the age 48 from a illness called Syphilis. He got Syphilis from prostitutes. He died on January 25 1947. He died at Palm Island Miami Beach and is buried at Mount Caramel Cemetery in Illinois.