2012 Election Year

Presidental Election Facts

What I Have Learned

To run for president, you ust be at least 35 years old. You also have to be a natural-born citizen to run for president. You have to be a resident of the United States for at least 14 years (to run for president). When George Washington was president, there was no Democratic and Republican parties. There are two main parties- Democratic and Republican.

The electoral college has 538 electoral voters and the candidates have to have at least 270 to win the electoral votes. The presidential election is every 4 years in the U.S.

At the beginning of the year, about 13 million Americans were unemployed and losing jobs. Some people cannot afford to pay their own medical bills. Our presidential candidates have a lot of difficult he terrorist group attacked the U.S. troops in September 11, 2001. The U.S. has lost 1,900 troops in Afghanistan.

We have popular votes, because the majority of popular votes, or votes from individual citizens. To vote, you have to be at least 18 or older to vote.

The Presidential Candidates

The Democratic president is Barack Obama. The Republican candidate is Mitt Romney. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He have a wife named Michelle Obama and 2 daughters named Malia and Sasha.

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. He has a wife named Ann Romney and 5 sons named Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig.

Joe Biden is running with Barack Obama and Paul Ryan is running with Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney keeps saying that Obama isn't helping the economy but, Obama is only one person and he trying to help use create more jobs and Obama is struggling to help with jobs and important care.