Deconstructing Media: WWII Posters

Adair Cook | Social Studies 6A | November 2013

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Media Consumer's Toolkit

Who is the producer of the medium?

The producer of the medium is an advertiser who works with the army in the flyer image.

What is the message?

The message of this flyer is to tell others to back up army members with more metal.

What is the purpose of the medium (to persuade, entertain, and/or inform)?

The purpose of the medium Is to persuade others to back up army members with more metal and to inform others that army members need more metal.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience of this flyer are people who care and want to give to this army.

What is your emotional reaction to the image?

My emotional reaction to this image is sadness and fright fullness because people are risking their lives for us and I am scared they will get hurt.

How might others view the message differently?

Others might view this message differently because they might think the army is being selfish for asking for metal and then using it to take someone's life.

What is left out of the message?

The reason for why the army wants the metal is left out of this message.

What techniques did the media producer use to convey the message?

The media producer used typeface to convey this message. The font is very bold and big which lets the message stand out and be seen.

Image Citation

Stoops, Herbert Morton. Back 'em up with more metal.. [Washington, D.C.]. UNT Digital Library. Accessed November 8, 2013.