SWA Library Monthly Report

October 2015

What's New?

A loud shout-out to Dr. Webster for working so diligently to minimize the impact of testing on the library and the Tech Ed classes.

The Library is undergoing major changes. At the end of the month, Ms. Barnes secured a cart of laptops to replace the desktops, which have been redistributed around the building.

A generous donation from New Psalmist is purchasing approximately 400 new books for the Library. Those books will be arriving soon.

A successful Literacy Night was held on Thursday, October 29th. Students and their families had a great time participating in a MakerSpace creating flying books that will soon decorate the ceiling in the library. Reading and Language arts teachers also lead workshops to help students develop reading as their superpower.

The fall Scholastic Book Fair was quite successful. Students purchased over 100 books and the fair earned nearly $500 Scholastic dollars, which will be used to purchase even more new books for the library. Thanks to a number of volunteers that staffed the lunchtime shifts--Mrs. King and all of the PTA parents!

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Student and Class Use

Individual Student Use

This month, 247 students visited the library individually for a variety of reasons as represented on the graphs below. Students have embraced the LibraryTrac systems and have student "experts" who show "non-regulars" what to do.

8th graders are the highest users at lunchtime; they are studying for tests, conducting research for their National History Day and Oral History projects, and just relaxing and reading.

8th grade AVID students spent several class periods working on their magnet presentations and created their Bio poems using Storybird.com.

Ms. Yorko and Ms. Freeman's 6th grade Language Art's classes researched Natural Disasters such as Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Wildfires to create a disaster preparedness PSA in order to build background knowledge before reading The Cay by Theodore Taylor.

What's next?

  • The Library is under construction! New tables and stools will be coming.
  • The Library and all carts are booked the entire month of November!
  • December's MakerSpace will be stocked with holiday card making supplies. Veterans and children who are hospitalized are especially in need of cheerful holiday messages.