Rebecca Wilcox

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 3

Rebecca is a sweet girl who participates fully with some encouragement. I'm seeing Rebecca gain a bit more confidence once she is actually up on the stage. She turns her assignments in on time and puts forth nice effort. I'm looking forward to our next unit on poetry which will spark more creativity.

Algebra 2

Rebecca works well at times maintaining her focus on the lesson and staying on task. Other times she devotes more time to un-related topics and distractions. She has struggled with polynomial division and synthetic division. We are currently working with factoring Polynomials .
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U.S. History

Rebecca works hard and she always hands in her work in a timely manner. She is a bit shy about participating in class and needs to be more self-confident about her knowledge base. We are working on building up her self-confidence, so that she can appreciate her abilities as much as I do!

We will be concentrating on expository writing and presentation skills this semester. Rebecca definitely needs to work on word choice, formatting (citations), and organization in her written work and we will be focusing on these elements of her writing. Rebecca needs to work on her presentation skills. She is still a bit shy and needs to practice making presentations to help her become more comfortable and self-confident.


In this class we are learning about the Environment in relation to Florida. We do current events so the students can know what is happening in the news for the week. It is a pleasure to have Rebecca in my class. Rebecca is shy but gets distracted very fast. She needs to focus on her work and not let anyone distract her.

Latin 1

The students assessed themselves by translating thirty lines containing all of the new forms they learned in this unit. They are now completing an essay and artwork based on the major deities of the Roman pantheon. Rebecca reached and surpassed a benchmark in Latin-language aquisition this semester. She alone composed perfect translations of the most recent lines we've read! She is making connections between Latin grammar and the English grammar we discuss in ACT prep. In an organized setting, she is focused and an equal partner in the class.

Test Prep

Rebecca is poised to attack a passage in ACT class.
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US History Arts Integration

In US Art, we have chosen the great American illustrator, Norman Rockwell, to help us explore our personal and family values. We are utilizing his illustration techniques to complete our own illustrations. He used photographs and sources for all of his imagery. Rebecca's sense of humor always influences her work. She did a great job combining her interests with the Rockwell painting.

Rebecca's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours This Year: 9

Rebecca currently has logged:
3 absences from English III
3 absences from Algebra II
2 absences from Biology
2 absences from Latin I
2 absences from US History
1 absence from Sat Prep