Water and food that is safe to eat or drink in the wild.

What is water? Water is one of the most important thing in the world !!!! The water rivers

Arne all was Clean so make sure the water is safe to drink the water or bring water

Whith you.Foods that are safe to eat in wild iancleds blackberry's blueberry's rasbaraie and

Make sure you wash it so it is safe to eat.Here is a list of not so safe food's to eat like posen

Berries, Posen ivy.

how treat nature

when you are out side you should treat nature nice or natuer will die.If nature dies there

will be no appeals, bananas or peaches and no cocunts!! and no vegsbls to keep us fit and we will be fat.


Animals are important for us and animals .The reason is because you and I need food to

survive and animals provide us with milk, eggs, staek, chicken, lamb chops, fish and kalimary. Ainmals also provide wool and lether.If animals did not eat other animals there would be every ware.


The coolest nature video ever! 2012 HD