AIS West Weekly Parent Update

Week of May 16, 2022

What is happening this week at WEST?


  • Avon School Band Day- Wear Black and Gold
  • Buy a yearbook today in the front office! $20 cash and carry!
  • Pine Tree 4th graders visit West today!


  • Hickory 4th graders visit West today!
  • 600pm Orchestra Concert


  • Panorama Survey today
  • Cedar 4th graders visit West today
  • 530 Incoming 4th grade Parent Night in the cafeteria


    • 6th grade Students visit AMS South
    • 215-330 5th grade Spanish Club
    • 230-345 Mindful Artists Club
    • Food Pantry Open 5-6pm @ Door 13 @ AIS East


    • STRIVE students visit AMS North
    • 230-430 Girl Scouts in art room

    Mark your Calendar: Lots of things happening in May!

    24- Field Day: 5th am, 6th pm

    26- 5th grade Awards AM

    27- 6th grade awards AM

    27- 6th grade Finale- PM

    27- 5th grade Kickball Championship


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    Proudly introducing to our AISW Family, Mrs. Stephanie Mackenzie, our AiSW Dean

    Stephanie Mackenzie will begin at AISW at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Stephanie has most recently served as an interim Assistant Principal at Brownsburg West Middle School and prior to that was a counselor in Brownsburg.

    We are excited to welcome Stephanie to our AISW Family!

    Field Day is May 24: Would you like to help us by volunteering?

    We have some opportunities for volunteering during our field day on Tuesday, May 24.

    Check them out here:

    AISW Student of the Week: Week of May 2

    Parker Jackson

    Josselyn Eilert

    Isabelle Veach

    Mason McLean

    Betiel Teame

    Abraham Ogunjemilua

    Sire Carey

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    Do you want to volunteer at some activities in May?

    If you are thinking about volunteering at some events during the month of May at an Avon School, you MUST have a background check on file that is no more than 1 year old. Make sure your background check is on file and up to date NOW. Dont wait!

    Parent ACTION items:

    • LAST CALL for yearbooks! There are not many left--- get one if you want one before they are all gone! $20--- get yours today in the front office.

    • Sign up to volunteer in the media center or to help make copies for teachers

    * Opportunity #1: CLICK HERE Sign Up Genius: Help in the media center
    * Opportunity #2: CLICK HERE Sign Up Genius: Help make copies for teachers

    6th grade Parents: 6th grade Finale is Friday, May 27

    6th grade Finale will occur AFTER our 6th grade Award Program on Friday, May 27. Thsi will be an afternoon ceelbrating each sixth grader for their 2 years at WEST. This is the event of the year that many have been looking forward to all year.

    To make this day fun and happy for all of our 6th graders we are in need of some donations and I am hopeful you can help. Please click the link below to see if there is anything you can help provide and to help make this a fun day for our 6th grade students!

    Sign up here to help to donate items: CLICK HERE to sign up!

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    Friday May 20th: AISW and AISE Campus will be difficult to access between 10 -12 , please plan accordingly

    Parents, On Friday, May 20th, between the hours of 10am and 12pm, if you are picking up or dropping of your child at AISW for any reason, please know it will be delayed and congested around our building due to an event that AMS South is hosting.

    **** If you have an appt and are picking up, please allow plenty of extra ime, as it will be a timely experience to get in and off of campus. We aer focused on everyone's safety and will need to be patient during this time. We greatly appreciate your help.

    Please call the offfice and we can have your chld up and waiting in the office for you when you arrive.

    ** pleaes remember to call the office with any changes to dismissal procedures.

    They are hosting the following event:

    What: 5k AMS South ALL students and Staff Oriole Flight

    Where: AIS E and W school campus

    When: Friday May 20

    Time: 1000-12pm

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    Avon Technology Reminders:

    Families of all students in Grades 5-12

    In preparation for summer and the 2022-2023 school year, ACSC would like to update you about a few items that are important as you plan for the technology device your child will use to support their learning next year. Please read the sections below that pertain to your child.

    Families of children who will not attend Avon Schools for the 2022-2023 school year

    • Laptops and chargers rented from the school are school property and must be turned in to the school prior to the end of the last day of school.
    • This may be done at the technology support desk or the main office of your school.
    • If your child’s enrollment status changes during the summer, the school issued laptop and charger may be dropped off at Door 5 of Avon Middle School South between 8am and 4pm Monday – Friday.
    • Stickers, paint, ink, or other markings must be removed from the laptop prior to turning them back in to the school.
    • A clean-up fee may be charged if laptops are found with these markings.

    Families of current 5th and 6th grade students:

    • Laptops and chargers issued to your child should be kept for the summer and brought back to school at the start of the next school year.
    • Laptops are issued to specific children and are to be used for school only by the child to whom it is issued.
    • If the laptop and charger are not brought back to school when the school year begins, we will follow our district technology policy, which could include charging parent/guardian for the device and charger.

    Our SOAR Ambassadors presented to the School Board Monday night and shared about their leadership, community engagement, and service opportunities!

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    AISW Awards Day: May 26 and May 27

    5th grade: 8am-- Thursday, May 26

    6th grade: 8am - Friday, May 27

    Location: Enter @ door 21 --- AISW Gym

    **** If your son/daughter will receive an award at the awards program, the teacher whom is giving the award will be in contact wtih you via phone, parent square or email. We ask that you please keep this information a SECRET so that it is a surprise to the students until the awards day.

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    Summer Basketball Camp @ Indiana Wesleyan: Meeting this week @ AHS


    This summer we have an exciting opportunity for incoming 6th through 8th graders. Indiana Wesleyan hosts the premier camp for middle schoolers, and we are looking to take multiple teams to participate.

    Attached is a flyer that highlights some of the great benefits of the camp as well as past champions. Indiana Wesleyan provides 3 all you can eat meals per day, great facilities for housing and games, laundry, plus a good amount of fun. The camp runs from July 8th - July 10th, and we will provide transportation to and from the camp.

    We are having two informational next week - May 17th at 6pm and May 19th after our middle school workouts at 8pm. Meetings will be held in the Fieldhouse at Avon High School (please enter through Door 31). I will have handouts and signups during the informational meetings!

    The cost associated for the camp is $265 per player (there is a day camper price as well) and that includes all meals and housing. If interested, we will let you know who to make the payment out to for the camp. All money will go to SuperHoops and not through Avon High School.

    If you cannot make it or have other questions please contact me at


    Drew Schauss

    Avon High School

    Head Boys' Basketball Coach

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    AMS South: Cheerleader Try Outs

    Are you interested in trying out for the AMS South Football or Fall Competition cheer team:

    Tryouts will take place on May 23-24 from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the East Gym at Avon Middle School South.

    There will be a parent meeting on May 23rd at 7pm by the doors to discuss fees, schedule, athlete expectations, and answer any questions. Please make every effort to have an adult attend to get the information.

    Check in for athletes will start at 5pm on May 23rd to verify that Privit accounts are complete. Students must have a PRIVIT account up to date in order to attend either day of tryouts. A physical is required in order to participate in tryouts.

    Please visit

    This page will walk you through the process to create a Privit account, fill out the appropriate forms, allow you to upload your physical documents, and complete various questionnaires.

    Please use door 14 both days.

    Athletes are expected to wear clean tennis shoes, have hair up and out of their face, and be game ready in shorts and an Avon t-shirt both days of tryouts. Please do not wear sweatshirts, jeans or pants.

    Athletes will be scored on tumbling, jumps, 2 chants, and game day presence.

    Parents are not permitted to stay or view tryouts. After the athlete is checked in, we ask that you please leave the building.

    Tryout results will be sent out via a ParentSquare on May 25th in the evening.

    For additional questions, please email Kristen Dunbar at

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    Does your child think they want to play a fall sport next year at AMS south?

    The sports offered in the fall at AMS South include: Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Girl's Golf, Boy's Tennis, and Volleyball. Boy's Golf and Girl's Tennis are in the Spring.

    If your child thinks he or she might want to play on one of these teams, please complete the summer communication form using the link below. This form will help AMS South coaches communicate with you about how to get your child signed up to play a sport at South in the fall. All AMS South athletic communication will come to you via text or email through ParentSquare.

    Please complete this form even if you are not 100% sure your child wants to play a fall sport. You and your child can decide later if you want to play. Completing this form only lets AMS South know you want summer communication about fall sports.

    It is important to complete this form before May 27. If you have any questions, please call AMS South @ 317.544.5700

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    Student IDs- $1

    If your son/daughter has lost his/her two ID's that were provided by the school, the ID machine is now up and working and they can purchase a replacement ID in the front office for $1. They need this for lunch and breakfast each day.

    Is your child out for an appointment or are they sick?

    If your child will be out of school for any reason, please let Amber Klein in the office know by calling the front office or emailing her at or sending her a parent square message. She has to update Power School with the information.

    It is important to let the teacher know the reason, too, however, Mrs. Klein is the ONLY one who can and MUST update the reason in Power School.

    Thank you for your help with this!

    You MUST have an up to date background check on file!

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    Register your KROGER CARD: Support AIS West!

    AIS West will receive funds from KROGER for every card that is registered! Every time you shop, you are helping AIS West!

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    MLM Food Pantry is open every THURSDAY!

    MLM Food Pantry is open each Thursday from 5-6pm to Avon Community Schools families! Register your family here! CLICK HERE to register!

    Stop by tomorrow between 5 and 6pm @ AIS East- Door 13

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    Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    Parents! We have a few volunteer opportunities available if you are interested!

    Step 1:
    Complete all 3 steps to be an ACSC Volunteer
    * You must have a completed and passed/approved background check on file through Safe Visitor. ACSC Electronic Signature Agreement Form

    Step 2: Sign Up using the following links:
    * Opportunity #1: CLICK HERE Sign Up Genius: Help in the media center
    * Opportunity #2: CLICK HERE Sign Up Genius: Help make copies for teachers
    *** if you cant come in at the times listed, but can come in on the day listed--- just note the time that you will be here as long as it is between 730am and 330pm.

    When arriving to the building to volunteer & REQUIREMENTS to be in the building:

    • VOLUNTEERing at West CANNOT begin until all parts of step one are completed.
    • Bring a photo ID to check in
    • a mask is REQUIRED to be worn at all times while in the building
    • volunteers will remain in assigned locations (media center and media work room) of the building and not in direct contact wtih students
    • Parents, please know that if you volunteer students must be at. school on time and stay through the end of the school day. There will not be early dismissals or late check ins.

    Become a substitute and YOU CHOOSE!

    1. YOU can share with us and have noted in Aesop BOTH what building and what days they want to work. This will avoid any extra calls from Aesop or Cindi regarding available jobs.

    2. YOU can designate if they are willing to accept “morning-of” jobs or only want to take jobs in advance so they know their schedule

    3. YOU can work as little as four days a month or as much as four days a week

    4. YOU hae the option to work half or full days

    5. ALL YOU need to do to apply is go online and complete a quick application with DOE for a sub permit. Cost - $16.32 (if not licensed)

    No Cell Phone Use @ Intermediate School:

    We recognize that many of our students have cell phones as some of them are going home by themselves after school, etc. We ask that all cell phones are locked in their lockers and powered off throughout the day. Students have been taught that as soon as they arrive at school the phone goes to their locker and is locked up. When they leave for the day, the cell phone is to stay in their bag until they get in their parent's car and/or get on the school bus.

    ** If there is an emergency and a student needs to reach you, they will be permitted to use the school phone.

    ** if you need to leave a message for your child, please call the front office and they will make sure your child is given the message by the end of the day.

    In the event they are to have their cell phone out of their locker, the following steps will be taken by the teacher:

    1. First time- warning: the teacher will ask them to go put it in their locker and share that next time it will be confiscated.
    2. Second time- The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher holds the phone until end of the day. The teacher returns the phone at the end of the day when the student gets on the bus/ goes to their car in car rider line and reminds the student of the school wide expectations. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral and parents will be notified.
    3. Third time and beyond: The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher will take the phone to the front office for a parent/guardian to pick up the phone. The teacher will communicate with the parent to inform the parent that the phone has been out three or more times and now they must pick it up the phone from the front office. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral.

    *** If students choose to bring their phones or other devices to school, Avon Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen devices or personal belongings.***

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    Check out our NEW AIS West website!

    NEW AIS West website:

    Stop by our NEW AIS West website. All Avon Schools websites have just received a new and improved look. We hope that you find our website more user friendly and up to date! Enjoy and let us know if there is anything that could be of more assistance on the website.

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