SMART Response VE

By Bobby Brian Lewis

What is it?

SMART Response VE is a cloud based software that enables students to respond to

spontaneous or planned questions and quizzes. Students can use any internet-enable device to access SMART response website.

Students will have to enter an assessment ID.

Opitonal - Student can have a student ID also.

Student then start answering questions.

Video below to help explain.


Cloud based- No software downloads for students

Devices- any internet based device( ipads,smart phones, tablets,and Ipods)

Teacher tools- SMART software that provides grades, tables, and charts. Scores can be exported to your grade book.

Assessments- Teachers can adjust teaching on the go depending on student needs.

Paperless- no paper needed

Grading- grades the assessment for you( time saver)

Set up and Run SMART Response VE

My thoughts


Great alternative to smart response clickers if you teach alot of students ( I teach over 100 students every 9weeks)

SMART Teacher tools and SMART Notebook software are used with Response

No clickers to hand out to students or batteries to change

If you have used, it is the same but better.

I can give an assessment that has pictures and graphs

No software to download or to update

Computer lab could be used to give assessments instead of student devices

Teacher uses SMART Teacher Tools software


Internet connected this can be positive also

Many different student devices ( I teach at a school that is Bring Your Own Device and there are problems with students having different devices)

Not free a teacher license is 99.00 dollars for a year. Could be a bargain if you look at it as you give 100 assessments and someone grades it for you for a dollar per assessment.

I use this software and highly recommend that you use this system. It is a time saver for grading and provides a paperless classroom.