Flordia vacation 2006

By Brianna

on the plane

I remember the first time we went to the airport, it was crowded, busy, and people were scrambling to find there luggage and would wait for 3 or more hours, we got at the airport at 5:30 AM, we were going to Florida for vacation, my grandpa paid for most of the trip, our cousins and family came along, it was going to be the best vacation ever. I was 4 years old at the time so I didn't get to see the airport much because I was sleeping, we waited for 2 hours for the plane to get ready, we finally got on the plane and I remember sitting next to my older brother, the seats were very comfortable, the plane finally took off, I heard the loud engine of the plane and covered my ears because I was sensitive to sound at the time.

it was 1 hour after we took off, my mom decided to give me some bagged pretzels because I was hungry, they tasted very salt than usual, after my snack, I fell asleep for the rest of the plane ride.

at the beach

this was after we went to sea world, my mom and dad decided to take me, my brother, and my cousins to the beach. so we used our rental car to go to the one of the Florida beaches, the beach we went to was very beautiful, the sand felt very soft as we stepped out of the car my cousins and I went in the water first, the water was very warm compared to the public pool back in Jefferson, I tasted the water, it was very salty but tempting so I tasted a lot of the salty water, after drinking the salt water, the waves were crashing in like crazy as we were in the ocean water, we swam until it was time to go back to the hotel.

on the way home

after spending 5 days in Florida, we had to go back to Wisconsin, I was sad that we had to go because I was having so much fun. we went back on the plane around 5:30 AM, even though I was sad, I was also very tired so I napped most of the way home, well until I heard the loud airplane engine again and I woke up, we were back home around the afternoon. I will never forget the amazing vacation I had.