Teachers Learn Too!

Professional Development at St. Charles

Celebrating our Strengths!

For the month of June, our team of dedicated Early Learning professionals will be celebrating their strengths! Sometimes in our zeal to improve and grow, we can overlook the good things happening all around us.

Our Early Learning teachers will be partnering up in different ways, spending time working with different age groups and different co-teachers during the month of June. They are challenged to discover 2 Stars in each pairing and share them with one another and then we'll celebrate our strengths as a team by sharing them with all of you!

The goal of this professional development project is two-fold.

1. We will to build a stronger team of Early Learning professionals that are excited to come and learn with your children every day.

2. We will learn new techniques and tips for success, and come away with a greater appreciation of the resources we have within our own school family.

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!
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