3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading

Harmony School of Excellence - El Paso

Preventing Summer Slide

For some children, summer is a time dedicated to playing video games, sleeping in, vacationing and relaxing as much as possible before the beginning of yet another school year. Children may argue that summer should be spent taking a break from academics and enjoy doing “nothing”. As parents and educators, we need to ensure that our children do not fall into what is commonly referred to as “summer slide”.

The summer slide: it sounds fun, but it can make the transition from grade to grade really difficult. Research shows that students who do not read during the summer may experience a decrease in their reading level. But guess what? Students who read regularly during the summer often improve their reading level and ability! Harmony students can start strong in the fall if their reading habits don’t “slide” away during the summer months. In this newsletter, we have posted a list of summer reading projects for students to select from. Inside you will also find a suggested reading list, creative ways to engage your child with reading, strategies on how to help your child select texts, and parent resources you can access free online.

myON Summer Access

Students will have access to his/her myON account during the summer. They can continue reading during the break by using their QR code (badges) at http://www.clever.com/in/hps OR at www.myon.com/login/index.html type their username (Student ID) and password 123asd ; Select ELP El Paso – Excellence for School Name

***********Tips to Promote Reading***********

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Schedule weekly trips to the public library:

  • Let your child pick reading material that is of interest to them
  • Read together with your child
  • Attend story hours, readings and plays offered at your local library or bookstore
  • Encourage your child to read in bed. Consider letting your child stay up late if they read in bed
  • Be a model: Read, read, read in front of your child

Summer Reading Projects

Students in grades 3-5 will be expected to read a minimum of four (4) books, two(2) of the books being STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related and complete two (2) projects, one based on one of their STEM summer reading selections and one based on their personal selection. Students must rate themselves after reading their selected books and upon completion of their projects using the self-evaluation-reading assignment rubric (see sample on next page).

These projects were designed to promote creativity, engagement, and fun with reading! Students will have the choice of selecting from a variety of projects in which they will bring with them on the first day of school Monday, August 13, 2018. The book list that has been provided is not mandatory for students to follow. Some of the suggested titles are from National Science Teachers Association and the Texas Library Association Summer Reading Lists: Little Maverick - Graphic Novels and Texas Bluebonnet Award. Please see lists below:

Summer Reading Assignment Rubric

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Summer Reading Project Selections

Give Me Five!!

Helping your child select a “just right” book is very simple. To encourage youngsters to read it is important that they select books that are of interest to them and that they don’t

encounter a level of reading frustration because the text is too difficult. A smart way to guide your child in proper book selections is to incorporate the “5 Finger Rule”.

First, have your child choose a book they have an interest in reading. Next, open the book to a random page and have your child read aloud or whisper read the first few lines of the page. Listen carefully and ask your child to hold up one finger for each word that they do not know or stumble upon.

If your child holds up 5 fingers before reaching the end of the page that is a sign that the book is too difficult. Holding up 1 finger or none signifies the text may be too easy. The magic number to look for is 2-3 fingers.

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Scholastic Summer Challenge

If You Love To Read...

Visit the Scholastic book site where students can log reading hours to win digital prizes, and help set a new world record for summer reading. There is a great section for parents too!