LHS Update

January 25, 2023

Beginning on January 30th, the High School will resume using cones at the front of the school to control and organize the am & pm traffic.

Only buses will be permitted to pull up to the front of the school.

All student drop-offs must enter the parking lot.

1. During morning drop-off at the High School, it is important for all drop off traffic to enter using Egg Harbor Road.

2. Once you enter pull through the parking lot, please proceed at a VERY slow pace. It is essential that you look and yield for students and staff.

3. All a.m. traffic must then exit using Burrows Lane.

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Recently, representatives from the NJ Department of Education, Lindenwold PD, and the NJ Office of Homeland Security came to visit our schools to review our safety and security drills as well as safety processes and procedures. Following each surprise visit (only specific / designated staff were aware they were coming), meetings were held to debrief, identify sucessess and areas of growth. It was a great experience and we appreciated their time!
Last spring, 20% of our LMS and LHS students indicated they wanted us to review our lunch options. Since that time, we have been researching other programs, visiting other school sites, and meeting with Nutriserve to better meet our student needs.

As you have noticed in previous newsletters, we have updated options and purchased additional equipment.

Our most recent updates:

Over these past two weeks, QR codes have been displayed in the LHS Cafeteria for students to provide feedback regarding the day's options / selections. We want to hear constructive feedback. What do they like? What do they dislike? Are portion sizes appropriate?

In addition, our District Wellness Committee, which includes LHS student representation, has begun to meet. We will soon be sponsoring a taste test opportunity for members of the committee! We are getting excited!

In the meantime, we have begun to offer fresh condiments and salads for students, too.

1. ALL students and staff must wear their school IDs. A process is in place for all staff, students, contracted services, guests, etc. All student IDs comply with state law ( NJ S-550 / NJ A - 1616) which requires the suicide hotline to be printed on the back of that student ID.

2. Students MAY NOT Door Dash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc... to LHS during the school day. Drivers will be sent away between 7 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

3. All guests MUST come to the front door. Students who direct others to meet them at a side door will be addressed using our Code of Conduct because this action does create an unsafe school environment for all students and staff. We will address this safety concern very seriously.

4. Students may NOT wear hats / hoodies on their heads. Refusing to remove hoods and hats is a disciplinary infraction. We really need everyone's help to remind our children of this important safety requirement. It is imperative that our cameras be able to clearly view all individuals within our building at all times. We would sincerely appreciate your child's cooperation.

Note: If students are concerned about their hair-styles or hair-cuts and you are struggling with providing this support, please let Mrs. Amber Callow (our Community & Inclusion Coordinator) know. We understand this teenage concern, and we are here to help.


The expectation is that students do wear the appropriate uniform dress and their student IDs each day. While it is very time consuming to complete daily checks of approx. 725 students every day, there will be "check days" built into the remainder of the school year. Please be aware this is part of our Code of Conduct and part of the BOE policy.

We are asking our families to support us in this endeavor.

Our biggest issues this past week have been identified as hat/hoods on heads.

Please see below for other issues & guidance.

1. Sweatshirts ARE permitted if they are: v-neck, crew neck, or zippered. However, sweatshirts must be solid color: navy blue, pale blue, gold, pale yellow, or white.

2. "Hoodie Sweatshirts" must be Lindenwold Sweatshirts ONLY. If you don't have Lindenwold gear, students can still wear v-neck, crew neck or zippered sweatshirts: navy blue, pale blue, gold, pale yellow, or white.

3. Students MAY NOT wear slides, flip flops, clogs, OR CROCS. The student's shoe must have the back of the shoe attached to the base of the shoe. There must be a full back to the shoe.