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What’s Growing on in the South O Garden?

What’s Growing on in the South O Garden?

The Mission is to cultivate the joy of learning through nature and to provide opportunities for all learning styles to master practical life skills through hands-on experience in the garden. The South O Garden is committed to a future where our children are empowered with food farming and nutrition education in order to create a more sustainable and eco conscious community.

After the long holiday break the garden held its first classes on Tuesday 1/10. Each class is split between Chef Eliza and the garden educator Miss Shawna. The following Tuesday the same classes will split again and go with the opposite teacher from the week before. This will continue each Tuesday throughout the year. It takes about 8 weeks to see every student!

Each week there will be a Garden Student of the Week we feature on our Instagram page. Follow us @southogarden on Instagram to see who it is.

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What are the students eating for this lesson? What skills are they learning in the kitchen? Our cooking lesson revolves around a balanced meal. Students learn about grains and legumes, creating their own Mexican-inspired Tomato Rice and Beans dish. They chop, simmer, season, and taste their way to a colorful and heartwarming plate. Fresh greens and herbs are harvested from the garden to add color and nutrients to our meal. Find the recipe below!

What is the current garden lesson? The current lesson is crop rotation! The students are learning about the four types of plant families (Leaves, Roots, Legumes and Fruits/Flowers) and why rotating these crops will give us healthy soil and healthy plants! We will search for the plant families growing in our garden and talk about what superpower each plant family has. Other activities we will do will be planting seeds and seedlings, nurturing the garden by weeding and harvesting, and tasting the lovely food we are growing.

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Do you want to be a part of the garden?

Parent volunteers are always welcome to join the Tuesday classes. Please contact for more information.

Garden Volunteer Days We need help with weeding, mulching, cleaning, and all the lovely garden activities. All family and friends are welcome. Bring a hat and water. We have gloves and tools but you are welcome to bring your own. Bringing kids is encouraged! They learn along with us and when they want a break they have a blast playing together.

Our next volunteer day is January 21st 9am-12pm. You can come for as long as you would like anytime in that time period. Find the sign up link here or in our bio on Instagram @southogarden

Where does the garden funding come from?

The Sage Garden Project has given us an award to fund the garden teacher and the garden chef! This has been an amazing opportunity for us to get our program rocking. BUT the funding ends this school year! Starting fall 2023 we have to raise the funding ourselves. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to cover the cost of two teachers and supplies.

We appreciate any donation! Click here to donate and keep the garden program growing!
Click here for a printable version of the recipe: Mexican Rice and Beans Printable Recipe
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