Tornadoes Destroyer of lives

How Tornadoes destroy peoples lives and work

How they work

To know about this destructive force we must firmly grasp the parts of a tornado. First there's the rear flank.Second you need a strong updraft.Third you need a meso cyclone.Fourth you need a tail-cloud.Lastly you need a wall cloud

The Moore Oklahoma Disaster

On May 20,2013 a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma but this one would grow to exponential sizes over two miles wide! That's bigger than 3 school bus' bumper to bumper. Worst of all, it hit two schools causing seven deaths, all children. The wind speed was unimaginable, over 300 miles per hour.
The Fujita scale is the measuring tool for tornadoes the tornadoes are the F0 tornado F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 tornadoes.

Tornadoes in the u.s

Most tornadoes in the U.S occur in the mid west and 1000 tornadoes happen in the U.S each year. Annually 1,704 people die from tornadoes! That's crazy. Tornadoes are one of the most destructive forces on the planet.That's why meteorologists use a Dopplar radar.

Tornado warning signs

If there are blue green clouds there is definitely a tornado. if you see swirling clouds it's a tornado. If there is hail or heavy rain, either a dead or calm wind shift, or a visible funnel cloud that has not touched the ground a tornado is forming. People don't know how dangerous tornadoes are so they underestimate them. They just try to drive away but if they were more educated about tornadoes they would stay inside in a basement or cellar

The Big One Austin TX

In Austin TX people hear all about the big one supposed to hit soon it is supposed to be the biggest one ever. its actually proven that's pretty scary. People should be careful an watch the weather in Austin TX I hope people there are safe. The big one will hit sometime soon..

One of the most destructive forces in world

Tornadoes are the one thing that scares me the most. I am glad I don't live somewhere were tornadoes are common.But just because I don't live in Tornado alley doesn't mean they don't happen here. They do but there not as powerful as the ones in tornado alley. There just like F1 or F0 tornadoes.