Preparing for your Journey


1. What website name will you use? You get to pick your very own name. Remember, make it simple that your friends, family and even a stranger could remember. Maybe your first and last name, maybe something that has to do with who you are? This is how it will look:www.yourname.origamiowl.com maybe look around a little to make sure what you choose is not taken. Also, your URL cannot use the following words: origami, OO, living locket, hoot loot, tell your story.

2. Create a separate checking account for your business. This way all deposits made from your website or your parties can be separate from your other accounts. You will know how much money you are making right away!

3. START BUILDING YOUR TEAM NOW!! You can start talking to people about this wonderful "FORCE for GOOD" Company and show them the amazing product and before you know it you will have people wanting to be a part of your team! This is how Elle and I built our team- just wearing the product and talking about the company:) All they need is your name and mentor # Have them visit your website or www.origamiowl.com and hit "join our team" and put your information!

4. You can order your swiper for your smartphone or Ipad now, it is free and this way you will be ready to take credit cards when you have a party. Go towww.payanywhere.com/origamiowl to order it, they will send one to you right away.

5. Get your Facebook business page ready to go! Don't share it until you get your wings, but start building it and making it just right so when you fly, it's all ready to go!

6. Have you joined our Team Believe Facebook page? This has all sorts of ideas, pictures, questions you might have, answers you are looking for and a great way to connect with other designers and designers in waiting.

7. Start planning your launch party! Most all of you will be in before the Holiday's, what an amazing time to get in!!! Holy Cow you know we are the "go to" gift for Christmas! Make sure you plan that party and capitalize on that holiday!!

8. JUST GET SO DANG EXCITED!!! Origami Owl is one of the FASTEST GROWING DIRECT SALES COMPANY IN THE United States RIGHT NOW!! We are the BUZZ of the industry!!! This just shows you that you have made the right decision!! We can't wait for you to start flying!! Feel free to call, email or Facebook us anytime!!!

Lots of love and big hugs!

Jenni & Elle O'Brien

Mother/ Daughter Team

Mentor #2440


Jenni & Elle Mentor #2440

We are so excited for you to join our team and look forward to working with you!!