Welcome to Casa della Zia

Please inform us about your arrival time!

Check-in Time

Our check-in time is from 2pm till 7:30pm. We are a small b&b and it is important for us to be communicate your arrival time to organize your welcoming.

In case of a delay (i.e. not being able to arrive between 3pm-7:30pm) you have to inform us with a mail or a phone call and we will be happy to cooperate with you.

Failing to inform us about the delay will be considered a no-show, in which case your reservation will be cancelled and you will be feed with a penalty in the amount of the total cost of your reservation.

EARLY CHECK IN: we are glad to help you if it is possible and let you drop your bags. Your room could not be ready.

LATE CHECK-IN: it is a service that we can offer, the service has a cost that depends on the time:

7:30 pm-8:30 pm: 5€

8:30 pm- 10:00 pm: 15€

after 10:00 pm: 20€

If you are traveling by train or by train it would be really useful for us to have the possibility of track your trip (flight/train number, arrival scheduled at the airport/station)


From the train station

From the Central Station you can take a bus 21 direction to Filanda. Get off on Piazza Malpighi bus stop. Then go straight towards the direction of the bus you took until via Nosadella, 19. If you buy the bus ticket on the bus it costs 1,50€. If you buy the ticket in a tobacco shop or in a newsagent it costs 1,20€.

Or either you can get by walking, it will take around about 30 min. When you will get out from the train station you'll see a big street Viale Angelo Masini, keep going right around 50 meters until Via Amendola. Then walk straight on this street until the roundabout. Make the half of the roundabout and follow via Marconi. Keep going straight on Via Marconi, then Piazza Malpighi, then via Nosadella.

From the airport

From Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ): you can take the Aerobus (6€) to the city centre and get off at the Via Ugo Bassi bus stop. From the bus stop go back opposite to the direction of the shuttle bus you took towards the corner of 4 streets. Then turn left to Piazza Malpighi and keep going about 450 meters until Via Nosadella.

By taxi usually it costs about 15-20€.