Who Is Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak is the first of the twelve Sikh GURU'S - meaning teacher. An astrologer told his parents that he was going to be a great leader and so they called him Nanak.


As he grew up his parent started to worry about how he was going to earn his loving. One day his farther sent him out with 20 Rupees and said " go to the city, buy something and sell it for a higher price. That will be a good bargain."

Nanak set out for the city. On his way he saw a group of holy men sitting under a tree. They looked tired and ill. Nanak asked the men why they looked so sick. "We have or eaten for days," the men told him "we are starving!" Nanak left the holy men and set off on his journey to the city to buy food. instead of selling it for a higher priceless his farther had asked, Nanak returned to the holy men and sat on the floor among them. Nanak gave the holy men the food he had bought and asked for nothing in return. The holy men were grateful and told him that his name will shine in the world.

Back at home Nanak told his farther what he had done. His farther was very angry as Nanak had spent the money and received nothing in return. This was not a good bargain, but Nanak simply replied "But father, what could be a better bargain than feeding the poor?"

The Big Question

Many people are now starting to wonder weather we - in the western world - are too selfish and weather we should start to follow the teachings of Gods or 'role models'. My question is ' should we (in the western world) follow the teachings on Guru Nanak'


Everyone would have a place to live

Most people would be happier

Most people would have a better quality of life


Not everyone in the western world are Sikhs

Some people do things that are really bad and they should not be treated the same as everyone else

It might affect people's personalities and if everyone was the same it would be boring

Nothing would get done because if people don't care about money then they wouldn't work

You Decide

Now you have heard all about Guru Nanak and his teachings it is you decision to decide weather you should follow Guru Nanak's ways. You do not have to become a full Sikh you could just just help someone in the street or at home Guru Nanak never said you had to become a Sikh in his story.