-North America-

What is North America?

North America is made up of twenty three countries here are just a few, Canada ,The United States Of America (U.S.A) , Mexico,Greenland,The Bahamas,Cuba and many more other countries. North of North America is the Arctic Ocean, West of North America is the Pacific Ocean, East of North America is the Atlantic Ocean. Most people speak English, Spanish and French.

How Big is North America?

In square meters all of North America is approximately 24.71 million square kilometres. And 9.54 square miles.North America is the third largest continent in the world.In 2013 there where about 529,000,000(five hundred twenty nine million) people living in North America there are probably a different amount of people beacause it is 2015 now.So that is about 7.5% people out of the worlds population. And Canada is the largest country in North America.

Here are some pictures that show North America

Famous Attractions

Some famous places in North America are, The Statue Of Liberty, Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Chichen Itza, CN Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone Park, The White House, Death Valley,The Badlands and there are so many more famous attractions here is a picture of Mount Rushmore.

How is the Climate?

The northern part of North America is very cold but the middle part of North America is hotter in the summers and and cold in the winters.The southern part of North America is usually hot most of the year round because it is closer to the equator.

Hope you enjoyed my presentation on North America! : )