7 Black Team Newsletter

December, 2014

A Message from the 7 Black Teachers

A very successful first marking period has ended and the second marking period has begun. With the days off from Thanksgiving break and winter break the second marking period will seem like the longest marking period as it stretches into late January. The second marking period ends on January 25, 2015.

The holiday season is here. In this time of giving the Keith Valley student council is collecting toys for Toys for Tots. The homerooms with the most toys will win a prize.

Please continue to stay updated on your child’s academic progress through powerschool.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s classes please do not hesitate to call or email any of the teachers. If you have a team concern please email Mr. Wigand at mwigand@hatboro-horsham.org.

Getting to know our PACEsetter Lindsey!

All of Lindsey's teachers appreciate how polite and caring she is as a student. We then asked her friends why they love Lindsey so much. Grace and Hallie told us, "She is funny, nice and calm. She always knows how to make you smile! With Lindsey there is no drama. She's always caring about you, even if you're in a bad mood."
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Lindsey (center) with Grace and Hallie


"What's your favorite part of 7th grade so far?" video is above


"Selena's fashion information and advice" video is above

In The Classroom

Social Studies with Mrs. Struzinski

In Social Studies we are writing and performing skits based on families coming to the 13 Colonies. Students will share items that they brought with them from their home country and explain why they are hoping for a fresh start in the colonies. Next we will explore how the colonies became a country, learning about the events that caused the American Revolution.

Math with Mr. Wigand and Mrs. Bloomquist

Periods 2, 3, and 5 have finished module 2 sections 1 and 2. The main topics were working with integers, and positive and negative rational numbers (fractions). We’re looking to finish module 2 and possibly test after the winter break.

The Algebra class has started chapter 4. Chapter 4 involves working with linear equations. Each new chapter continues to be more challenging and although the students have worked with linear equations before chapter 4 introduces some new topics. The Algebra class will also be introduced soon to a great website called Desmos. It is a wonderful dynamic graphing tool.

Most classes are continuing to work with technology like graphing calculators, cool math websites, and the CPS (clickers).

Language Arts with Mrs. Luvert and Mrs. Bloomquist

Over the next several weeks, Mrs. Luvert’s classes will be writing a memoir. The students will be revising their writing to include dialogue, use of sensory details for description, precise vocabulary, a good lead, and final reflection. Reading and discussing books in literature circle groups also continues through December 19th.

Science with Mrs. Campellone

This month in science, students are discovering the systems of the human body! We began the month discussing the skeletal system and students created their own cut and paste skeletons focusing on some of the major bones in the body. We will begin working with the muscular system and follow up with nervous, digestion, circulatory and excretory systems. Students will analyze how the systems work together to help our bodies function. We will be comparing organs and their functions within the different phyla of animals that we have been studying. They will have a body systems test on December 19th. A midterm will be given on or around January 14th. A study guide will be distributed on December 19th and will also be available on my website for students to begin working on.

7 Black Team Breakfast

Monday, Dec. 22nd, 8:15am

KV Cafeteria

The 7 Black team will be having a team breakfast on Monday, December 22. Please consider helping this become a success by donating the following items according to your son/daughter’s homeroom teacher.

If you are interested in donating items please email Mrs. Campellone (mcampell@hatboro-horsham.org) by Wednesday, December 17 so that we can make sure that there are enough donations to make this event happen.

Students are asked to bring the assigned items to MRS. CAMPELLONE’S room beginning at 7:45 am on Monday, December 22. Please make sure that the items are marked “7-Black Breakfast” so that there is no confusion with other activities going on that day.

Please be mindful of peanut and tree nut allergies. We ask that you CLEARLY mark the items that contain any nuts.

Mrs. Campellone’s Homeroom

Paper Supplies: Cups, plates, napkins, utensils (bring in by Friday December 19)

Fruit: Fruit Salad, Grapes, Bananas, Apples

Mrs. Luvert’s Homeroom

Pasteries: Donuts, Danishes, Sticky Buns

Mrs. Struzinski’s Homeroom

Bagels/Butter/Cream Cheese

Mr. Wigand’s Homeroom

Beverages: Orange Juice, Milk, Apple Juice, Water

7 Black Pizza Party

On December 10th we will hold our first team pizza party to celebrate students on 7 Black who we think do a great job setting the PACE. We can only invite about 25 kids at a time, so if you don't get chosen this time you'll have a few more opportunities as the year goes on if you continue setting the PACE!

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Wigand, Math Teacher and Team Captain

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Years Teaching: 16

Years Teaching at Keith Valley: 15

Mr. Wigand is married to wife Elizabeth. They have a daughter Laura and a son Mark.

Why did you choose to teach Math?

I chose to teach Math because I always enjoyed it and it was the subject that I was best at when I was younger, but I would enjoy teaching any subject. I just like teaching middle school students.

If you could only give 7th graders one piece of advice to be successful, what would it be?

Realize that there is a difference between the expectations of elementary school and 7th grade, and then make the proper adjustments to how much effort needs to be put into being successful in 7th grade.

KV Barnes and Noble Night

Friday, Dec. 5th, 4-10pm

102 Park Ave

Willow Grove, PA

KV Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 1pm to Friday, Dec. 12th, 3pm

227 Meetinghouse Rd

Horsham, PA

Mr. Wigand sent an e-mail about conferences. Please e-mail mwigand@hatboro-horsham.org with any questions.

Other December KV Dates to Remember

Lego MindStorm Competition is on Saturday, December 14th from 8-2 at HHHS

The 7th/8th grade Winter Concert is on Tuesday, December 16th at 7:00

The KV Orchestra Winter Concert is on Thursday, December 18th at 7:00

Early Dismissal on Tuesday, December 23rd

Schools are closed from Wednesday, December 24th- Friday, January 2nd.