PMHS Media Center

Week of December 7-11

Monday, December 7th

Hour of Code Week begins

Department chair meeting: 8am
Bendt coding: 02, 03, 05, 06, 07
Maker Mondays: all lunches
Bookmobile: all lunches

Tuesday, December 8th

Luker: 01, 05
Morucci: 03, 04
Villavisanis: 06-07

Wednesday, December 9th

Casper coding: 02-07
Book club: 3pm
Model UN: 5-7pm

Thursday, December 10th

Bailey: 01-04
Kennedy: 05-07
IB Boosters: 6pm

Friday, December 11th

Bailey: 01-04
Dexheimer coding: 01-07 (in 206)

Hour of Code Week is here! Email me to sign your classes up!

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