Cool News from Team KB

September 10, 2015

Many Thanks for your Patience!

We have been working out the kinks in the new dismissal routines here at DES. Thank you so much for your patience while we do our best to keep your children safe! :) You should notice the bus identification tags on their backpacks. Please leave them where they are. Here is the procedure that is working the best:

2:55 pm - We line up Onarga/Thawville kids

3:00 pm - Onarga/Thawville kids board the bus

3:05 pm - Parents who pick up their children at DES can pick them up from the left door of the gym, to help alleviate confusion in the hallway.

3:10 pm - Gilman Students board the bus

3:40 pm - Rural Route bus students board their bus

Beating the Heat

We have been doing everything possible to beat the heat recently! We have been getting water drinks several times throughout the morning, and using our water bottles in the afternoon. We have been resting to cool off after morning P.E. class and after lunch recess. Avah's family shared their camping air conditioner with up and that helped lots! :) Thank you for dressing your children accordingly for the weather.

Strategy of the Week

We are working hard on "Listen and Talk". It is so hard to be quiet when someone else is talking! Please remind your child at home that great times to talk are at recess, at lunch (quietly), and at centers (quietly). Listening and following directions is a great time to stay quiet so you know what to do during and activity...that totally fills the teacher's bucket! During a lesson is not a great time to talk, and that is a "dip" in teacher's bucket.

Can You Help Us Please?

How can you help your child from home?

*watch the green folder for important papers from the office and for homework. Take a few minutes each night to help your child complete the homework, making sure they write their *own* name. :)

*read to your child, at least 20 minutes each day. Soon we will begin sending home Book-In-A-Bag so you will have more options.

How can you help our classroom from home?

*we always have projects to prepare, whether it is organizing pieces, cutting paper, etc. I have a bag hanging right inside my door or projects that need to be done. Check it when you stop in, or send a note and I can put something in your child's bookbag. Currently I have some lamination to be cut and I am looking for volunteers to make a batch or two of playdough (I have a great recipe!).

*save Boxtops and Campbell's Labels for Education, put them in a bag and send them in to school! Every Boxtop is worth 10 cents for our school and every Label for Education is worth points towards items for our school.

*we save "good clean garbage", so if you are able to provide any of these items (any time) that would be super

~clean empty Crystal Light (or similar) containers

~clean empty frosting containers

~clean empty soup or fruit cans

~clean lids from water bottles, soda bottles and the like. Prefer those with few words on the top. We use them for spelling games.

Cool Quote of the Week

Grandparents Day is this week - Sunday, September 13th - Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. ~Alex Haley