Tiger Tales

Southside High School

May 8-14, 2016 ................ Edition #34

Faculty & Staff Weekly News and Information Bulletin

Please be cognizant of information, dates and deadlines, changes and updates to regularly scheduled meetings, and reminders included in the bulletin. Information included may be confidential; therefore, all Tiger Tales news bulletins are considered exclusively for Southside High School faculty and staff.

Quote of the Week

The three choices of life:

Choices, Chances and Changes.

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.


This Week At Southside


Monday, May 9:

7:45 a.m.................EOC Blitz Week Starts

9:00 a.m.................Lesson Plans to be posted to Staff Drive

10:00 a.m...............Special Education Senior Staff-out/Exit Meetings

Tuesday, May 10:

.................................Summer School Information distributed by teachers

9:20 a.m..................Fire Drill

4:00 p.m..................Triple A and GE Tutoring

4:05 p.m..................Faculty Council

Wednesday, May 11:

11:35 a.m..............Character Education Seminars (Responsibility)

4:00 p.m................Departmental Meetings

6:00 p.m................AFJROTC Awards Night

Thursday, May 12:

4:00 p.m ................Triple A and GE Tutoring

6:00 p.m.................Athletic Banquet

Friday, May 13:

2:05 p.m..................Recycling Bins Emptied

3:10 p.m..................Yearbook Student-Teacher Basketball Buy-out Game

Birthday Salutes


10 Dawn Davis

11 Monica Sawdaye

12 Effie WIlliams

12 Annetta Allen-Mayes

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In the Near Future


16-20.....Senior Week

16...........EOC/Senior Exams begin

18...........Faculty Meeting

...............Grand Tiger of the Month Luncheon

19...........Yearbook Signing Day Party

...............Senior Locker Clean-out/Graduation Practice

...............Salute to Edcuation Banquet

20...........Senior Day Activities

................Band Banquet

23...........Graduation Practice (Bon Secours Wellness Arena)

24...........Senior Final Grades & ScoreSheet Reports due

...............End of the Year Goals Celebration (5th-7th Periods)

25...........Underclassmen Exams begin

30...........Memorial Day



2.................Last Day for Students/End of the 4th Quarter

3.................Professional Development Workdays

6..................Last Teacher Work Day

6-Aug. 15....12 Month Employees Extended Work Day Hours

From the Desk of the Principal

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Teacher Attendance

Due to the difficulty of obtaining substitutes, teachers and staff members are asked to try your best to be present each day. On the days that you are ill and cannot come to work, please try to secure a substitute in advance.

Student-Teacher Basketball Game Buy-out

Yearbook will sponsor a student vs teacher basketball buy out on Friday, May 13, during 7th period. Any teacher who does not want his/her students to buy out of class should contact Ms. Richardson so she can avoid selling tickets to the students.

Please click on the video below for a sneak preview of what you can expect at Friday's game...

The Top 10 NBA Dunks Of All Time
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End-of-the-Year Checkout Information

Teachers may begin acquiring signatures on the End-of-the-Year checkout form (see attachment) starting Monday, May 16. Please review the form in its entirety and make sure all signatures are obtained prior to final checkout with Mr. Brooks. All staff members are advised that Monday, June 6, will be the last official teacher workday. Final checkout is based on student grade verifications. Everyone should plan accordingly.

AP/IB, EOC and Senior Exams

Exam Information:

AP/IB Exams:

AP/IB Exams will start on Monday, May 2, and conclude on Friday, May 20. Students do not have to report to school the day they have an AP/IB exam. Classroom teachers should mark students as present in PowerTeacher. Mr. Austin will make corrections as needed.

EOC/Senior Exams:

EOC and Senior Exams will take place the week of May 16-20. Seniors who have taken or taking AP/IB exams do not have to report to school during the allocated senior exam time(s). Traditional seniors who have not taken AP/IB exams must sit for their exam(s). If on campus, seniors are to follow the complete exam schedule or submit an early dismissal request as normal policy outlines. Senior absences should only be recorded for those students who miss an exam. Underclassmen are not eligible to take exams during Senior Exam week. Preparations should be made in advance if you have mixed classes.

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Underclassmen Exams

Underclassmen Exams will start Wednesday, May 25, and conclude Wednesday, June 1. Teachers are to follow the textbook return schedule and exam study review period as outlined in the exam schedule. Students are not to be released from class after exams are completed. Early dismissals will not be honored during the actual exam. All underclassmen must sit for exams. Due to the compulsory attendance law, underclassmen who have taken an AP/IB exam should plan to attend during exam week unless they are not over in days (ten allotted absences for a yearlong course). Attendance should be kept in PowerTeacher for underclassmen.

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Final Exam Expectations

  • All teachers are expected to give a Final Exam except Special Ed Resource Teachers unless otherwise approved by administration.

  • If a student misses a final exam and has administrative approval to make up the exam, each teacher is expected to administer the make-up exam prior to the close of school on Friday, June 3. Once exams have been graded, please contact Kathy Stables about updating the grade book.

  • On or before Monday, June 6, please submit the following to Dr. Hall:

  1. A list of all administratively approved students who have not taken a final exam
  2. A hard copy of your final exam(s) and an answer sheet/Scantron for each student and an answer key with detailed grading information (ex: points per section)

Graduation Information

Graduation will be held on Tuesday, May 31, at 10 a.m. at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. All teachers are expected to attend. Ticket takers and security detail members are needed. Contact Mr. Griffin or Mr. Ludley if you are interested in assisting. Teachers and Staff members who will sit on the floor during gradation should see Ms. Ransome to obtain a robe.

Locker Clean Out Schedule

  • Senior Locker Clean out will take place after 4th period exam on Thursday, May 19, from 10:50-11:22 a.m.

  • Underclassmen Locker Clean out will take place on Tuesday, May 24, during 7th period. Further details will be forthcoming.

Hall Access

As we approach the end of the school year, all teachers are reminded that students should not leave your classroom without a pass in hand. For no reason should a student be sent to the the gym, trainer's office or faculty dining room during the school day.

No Hal Pass List

Student Hall Access:

Please make sure you sign your student’s agenda prior to letting him/her leave your classroom before the tardy bell or during instructional time. Student hall access should be limited to restroom or nurse visits. Student who do not have a signed agenda will be escorted back to you class.

No Hall Pass List:

  • Cameron Espino
  • Briasia Pyles
  • Michael Franklin
  • Marnethia Clinkscale
  • Isiah Young
  • Bailey Foster-Stewart

Summer School Handouts

Administrators will supply each teacher with copies of the summer school handout that should be distributed to students who were placed on the failure list. Summer school handouts should be distributed to students on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Administrators will deliver the summer school handouts to each teacher on Monday, May 9. We will also create a phone messenger to parents and guardians regarding summer school options.

Star Teachers and Star Support Staff Members

Congratulations to Ms. Angel Stepp for being the April Star Teacher of the Month! “Ms. Stepp has shown great leadership as the Department Chair for the Special Education department, especially with the upcoming transition of using inclusion practices. Her instructional delivery and formative practices have consistently been very strong. Ms. Stepp is able to meet the needs of all of her students and is a great ambassador for Southside High School.” “Ms. Stepp has worked extremely hard to make the transition to inclusion a smooth one. She has taken on many extra duties within her department. While taking on this extra work she never complains. Even with all the extra administrative responsibilities, she is still an effective teacher for her students. Ms. Stepp is a deserving candidate for this award because of her effective leadership and pleasant attitude. These attributes are always on display.”

Star Support Staff Member

“Mrs. Webb is always there to lend a hand and helps when we need paperwork filled out. Recently, she helped me with an AP field trip and set up almost everything we needed for financial aid from Clemson. Usually, I would be expected to do this, but she took her time and got all the information I needed for the trip. It made the trip less stressful, and I did not have to worry about the financial paperwork. She made it very easy to fill out what I needed to do. She has been a help to us in multiple ways!”

Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, (Memorial Day) is a school holiday. All District offices/schools will be closed. Staff members are reminded that a doctor's note is needed for absences before or after major holidays.

Retiring or Out of District Transfer Information

If you plan to retire or if you are not returning to Greenviille County Schools next year, please click on the link below to review departing information from the District.


Yearbook Sales

After months of planning and snapping photos, Ms. Richardson and the Yearbook staff have sent the 2016 yearbook to press. Under Ms. Richardson's guidance (and the keen proofing eye of Ms. Simpson), the students have worked hard to create this year's book entitled "A PAWS IN TIME". Books are currently on sale. The Yearbook Signing Day Party will be held during both lunches on Thursday, May 19.

Phones and Headphones

Teachers are asked to consistently enforce the phone policy in your classroom (including BYOD teachers--educational purposes). Headphones should not be used by students to listen to music. Headphone usage exceptions include band, chorus and occasionally World Languages. Teachers may stream music over the Promethean Board speakers if needed.
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Brad Griffith, Assistant Principal

Please forward all master calendar request to Mr. Griffith for approval.

Attendance Report

This is a reminder to review the attendance report each afternoon. Corrections can be made any time before midnight.

Tracy Hall, Assistant Principal

Professional Development

Will Jones, Assistant Principal

Fire Drill

The last Fire Drill of the year is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, at 9:20 a.m. Teachers should plan accordingly.

Student Tardy Incentive Program

In an effort reward student promptness and encourage motivation for reporting to class on time, students will receive a tardy incentive card on Wednesday, May 18, that can be redeemed in the school store for a treat. 4th period teachers will receive tardy incentive cards for all eligible students on or before May 18. The incentive cards should be given to each eligible student prior to the start of his/her lunch shift.

Regene' Ransome, Assistant Principal

Graduation Ragalia


If you are in need of graduation regalia: i.e., gown and stole, please send me the following information no later than 4:00 pm, Friday, May 13, 2016.

  • height/weight
  • degree earned
  • name of college or university

Fixed Assets

The 2015-2016 Fixed Assets sheets are due to Ms. Ransome on or before May 31. Teachers and staff members are asked to review the fixed assets list that you will receive from Ms. Ransome and check off each item located in your classroom or office.

Seat Time Recovery

Please remind students that Seat Time Recovery (STR) will be held each Saturday during the month of May starting at 8 a.m. The last STR session will be held on May 27. If a student has missed more than five (5) days in a semester course or ten (10) days in a yearlong course, they should see their department administrator for information pertaining to STR

Justin Ludley, Assistant Principal

EOC Blitz Week

What is EOC Blitz Week?

  • Nine (9) Tutoring Sessions
  • Exciting Algebra and English 1 Review Sessions!
  • Drawing for Prizes/coupons at every tutoring sessions
  • Drawing for Big Ticket Items at the end of the week
  • Extra Credit Points!
  • Snacks in the afternoon and Dunkin' Donuts in the morning sessions

Morning Blitz Week Schedule:

  • 7:45 a.m.--Monday, May 9-Friday May 13: morning tutoring sessions for Algebra and English 1 (student choice)
  • You must arrive before 8 a.m.

Afternoon Blitz Week Schedule:

  • Monday, May 9..............Student Choice: Algebra or English
  • Tuesday, May 10...........Last Name (A-K).....Report to English Teacher
................................................Last Name (L-Z)......Report to Math Teacher

  • Wednesday, May 11.....Last Name (A-K)......Report to Algebra Teacher
................................................Last Name (L-Z).......Re to English Teacher

  • Thursday, May 12.........Student Choice (students in Foundations must go to English)

The Freshman Academy

Upcoming Academy Events


9–13....EOC Blitz Week

11........Character Education (Responsibility)

18........Grand Tiger of the Year Luncheon

24........End of Year Goals Celebration (5th – 7th)

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Grading Due Dates

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Dr. Collins

Practice AP Exam Schedule

  • AP Physics C Study Session will take May 7, from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

AP/IB Exam Schedule

AP and IB testing will start on Monday, May 2, and conclude on Friday, May 20. Students are not required to attend school on days they are testing but they should be present if they are not scheduled to test. See attachment to review the AP/IB exam schedule.

Counseling Services


Ms. Browning

  • Teacher copies will be renewed for the month of May on Monday, May 2, 2016.
  • Please watch students when in the computer labs. Students are unplugging computer cables (power cords and internet cables) and moving equipment (mouse and keyboards) around the labs. When one class does this, it has an effect on the next class. If a computer lab is missing equipment, report it immediately to the library so that it can be replaced. If a computer is not working properly, report it immediately to the library so that ETS can repair it.
  • Substitutes are not allowed to use computer labs, iPads or chrome books. If you are out and scheduled for one of these, please make alternate plans.

Athletic Announcements

Athletic Banquet

This year's Athletic Banquet will be May 12, at 6 p.m. Athletes are reminded they must be present to receive their awards. Athletes must also dress appropriately. No Jeans, shorts, or t-shirts.

Tickets are : $2 for Athletes and $5 for guest

Southside Support Scoop


Please do not slide paperwork under Ms. Webb's or Ms. Seear's door. All information/paperwork for Ms. Webb or Ms. Seear should be placed in their mailboxes with the exception of money. All money and receipts books need to be turned in to Ms. Seear by 1 p.m. each day. Everyone is reminded to turn in invoice slips for any package you have ordered to Ms. Webb so the vendor can be paid.

Custodial Services

Plant Engineer Office:

If you need assistance handing or moving items, please contact Mr. Parker.

Health Room

Health Room:

Please call the Nurse prior to sending a student to her office to make sure she is available.

Intervention Specialists

Intervention Specialists:

Please call the Intervention Specialists prior to sending a student to their office to make sure they are available.

Monetary Transactions

Please be mindful of the following:

As we prepare to close the school’s fiscal year accounting records, faculty members, students and guardians are advised that all money transactions with the school (fees and dues) are to be paid with cash or a money order starting March 21, 2016. Checks will no longer be accepted. We apologize for any inconveniences this policy may cause.

ISS Procedures and Protocols

Please refrain from sending students to ISS if you have not contacted Mr. Simmons, ISS Coordinator. Any student sent directly to ISS by a teacher will be returned to class by an administrator. Guidelines for removing a student from class are as follow:

    • Call Mr. Simmons

    • Complete the Incident Management Referral online

    • Contact the parent/legal guardian sometime during the day