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by : olivia faircloth

Martha Martinez almost doesn't win Scholarship Jacket?

This monday Martha Martinez was called into the office to talk to the principal.

"I was worried," she says, 'I thought that I had gotten in trouble."

The 14 year old girl has the best grades in her school, and the best record. She heard through a teacher that another girl was going to win, so she became troubled.

"I cried all the way home." She openly admits to being distressed.

The next day she got sent to the principals office. She says she entered and the principal was standing by his desk. He broke the news to her that she had to pay to get her jacket.

"I went home to my grandfather and asked him for the money to buy a jacket. He said that I couldn't have it, because then I wouldn't have earned it. " She says.

The next day she says she got to school and was sent to the office again. This time though, it was for good news.

"He asked whether or not I got the money from my grandfather, and I told him that I hadn't. I was prepared for the worst, but after I told him what my grandfather said he told me he would find a way to get me the jacket. It was my grandfathers wise words that helped me win the jacket in the end." She said fondly.

The ceremonie will be held Monday morning at the Middle School.


Dear Abby,

There is a woman who works in a local Hardware Store a I really like her. She rarely speaks to me and I have gathered enough courage to have a conversation. I still like her, and i don't know how to let her know. I don't think that she likes me the same way. Should I even bring it up? - INFATUATED IN ILLINOIS


If you really like her, and you think that it is time to bring it up, then do so. Don't try to plan it, it might make it more awkward then it has to be. If she confesses that she feels the same way, then that is great. If she doesn't, and you're worried that things will become awkward, the try to pretend that nothing happened and maybe she will do the same.


Arturo Sanchez, 80, died November 15th, 2013 with his family by his side. He was born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez in 1933. He graduated from High School and became a teacher. He later went to war for his country, returned and married. He had 7 children.

Arturo was passionate about teaching and even taught in the war. He enjoyed reading and writing. He wrote a life story before he died.

A viewing will be held November 17th, at 1:30 pm, and the service will be at 3:00.