"We are all for the Country, the Sublime and the Flag"


  • Religion: 54% Islam (27% Shia, 27% Sunni), 40.5% Christian, 5.6% Druze
  • Population: 5,882,562 (as of July 2014)
  • Average Births Per Year from 2000-2015: approximately 63,000 people
  • Size of Country: 4,036 square miles
  • Capital City: Beirut
  • Biggest City: Beirut (1,916,100 people)
  • Languages: Lebanese Arabic, French, English (others spoken between respective populations are Armenian, Kurdish, Greek)

Points of Interested in Lebanon

  • Jeita Grotto: karstic limestone caves ranging over an area of 9 kilometers
  • Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque: Sunni mosque in Martyrs' Square in Beirut, built between 2002-2007 by Lebanon's former Prince who was buried inside it
  • Kadisha Valley: lies within the Becharre and Zgharta Districts, deep valley complimented by the Kadisha river
  • National Museum of Beirut: museum of archeology, collection began after World War I and opened in 1942
  • Byblos Castle: located in Byblos, built by the Crusaders using limestone and the ruins of famous Roman structures, surrounded by a moat
  • Grand Serail: headquarters of the prime minister, on top of a hill in Beirut, close by to the Lebanese Parliament
  • Platinum Tower: residential building, tallest building in Beirut, 35 floors, 500 feet tall
  • Lebanese Heritage Museum: located in Jouneih, contains artifacts from the Phoenician era that relate to the Lebanese culture

Fun and Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Lebanon

  1. Lebanon used to be known as the "Switzerland of the East"
  2. The capital of Lebanon used to be called the "Paris of the Middle East"
  3. "Lebanon" is the oldest name for a country in the world. It still remains unchanged for 4,000 years!
  4. Byblos is the world's oldest continuously occupied city where the first alphabet was created.
  5. The world's first ever law school was founded in Beirut.
  6. The cedar tree, Lebanon's native tree, was mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament.
  7. Lebanon is the only Asian country without a desert.
The movie "Lebanon"

2009 Film by Samuel Maoz

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Lebanese National Anthem - "Alensheyd Alewteny Alelbenaney" (AR/EN)