Juan Elias, by Kelly Mcallister

Born 1981, 18yrs, In Smalltown Aguachica Northeast Colombia

Family, Love

Juan loves his family. When he was eight years old his father and cousin Luche were shot while at work. They had to move from there farm that was burn down. Juan loves his family. With out his dad and cousin the famly is no longer complete.

Why now.

At night Juan was not allowed to be on the streets. He would wake up to the noises of gun shots and screaming. In the morning Juan would go outside to dead bodies spread out on the streets and blood everywhere. "Why has the world come to", is what Juan also wonder.

Why my family?

Juan and his family have been threatened so many times. They would get notes almost every week saying give me a certain amount of money and bring it and leave it where ever and if you don't obey what they said or you will face the consequences.

Influenced by what Happened and Fight for Peace

Juan was influenced by his father getting shot at work along with his cousin Luche. Before that they were also getting threats within notes. Notes that would show up mysteriously.

"After my father died and my cousin I was sad" Juan stated. After all of this was happening finally Juan wanted to take charge and fight for peace. He didn't want this to happen to any other family. If Juan could he probably would of stopped his father and cousin before they went to work.

I'm Impressed

As I was reading I was really impressed with what Juan story was about. I really couldn't image being in his stop. Juan was really sad when he found out close family members died.


If you had to change something that day that your dad went to work what would it be?