live forever

choose scones with walnuts

Imagine what the world will be like in 100 years

Has professional soccer really taken off in America? Did we finally implement the metric system? Which are more popular, hover boards or jet packs? Is everyone speaking Mandarin or is this Chinese Word Of The Day thing a waste of time? Was "Better Call Saul" as spectacular as "Breaking Bad"? Did your great grand children inherit your ex-husband's weak chin or are they good looking? Do humans even still exist, what with this global warming business?

If only you could stick around to find out.

Well, we here at C & C Bakers think maybe you can. We have scoured the internet and have discovered this simple truth: Walnuts help you live longer.

Yes, walnuts. We learned, on the internet, that people who eat daily portions of (wal)nuts as part of a Mediterranean-style diet have significantly lower risks of heart attacks and strokes. We learned that people in the habit of eating a daily handful of (wal)nuts are more likely to live longer compared with people who rarely consume nuts. And! The internet said there is evidence that snacking on nuts helps control our appetites, which may stave off weight gain. And we know heavier people don't live as long. (Oh, wait.)

It stands to reason, then, that you can expect to live longer if you eat more walnuts. And what better way to eat walnuts than in our delicious scones? No better way!

All of our delicious flavors (blueberry, cranberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon and our soon-to-be-announced February flavor) and all of our wonderful sizes (regular, mini and petite) come with or without walnuts.

Why would you choose no-walnuts? Choose longevity. Choose walnut scones. (And shore up your retirement savings in case this works.)

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