Jumping Jellyfish

Mathilde Gilbert


Have you ever seen a jellyfish drifting on sea currents? If you haven’t ,you will know more about the appearance, habitat, and how it moves in a short while. It is hard to believe, but there are 2,000 different jellyfish in the oceans!


Did you learn more about jellyfishes ? Well you certainly learned about how jellyfishes look like, where they live, and how they move. Let me tell you that jellyfishes have been fished by Chinese people over 17,000 years.

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This my word wall, look for some interesting facts you did not know before.

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Oh jellyfish

Why are you slimmy,

Why are you scary,

And why do I step on you at the beach?

You always hurt me,

And I usually have to put vinegar on me,

Why do you make me cry,

Why do you attack me,

Oh jellyfish oh jellyfish

By Mathilde Gilbert

Exotic Jellyfish

Fish Tank

This is my fish tank, I had $200 to spend on my fish tank. I had lots of left over money after I bought my decorations.
The past two days in go fish we had to make a aquarium for fishes. We could choose our partner, my partner was Alana. We had to buy decorations and fishes. My partner and I choosed decorations that fit with our theme, which was under the sea. After we bought our decoration and salt, we ended up with 104,94 dollars left for fishes. Which means we used 134,82 dollars for our decorations. Our theme was under the sea because we were inspired by fishes that live under the sea. We bought some neon color rocks/sand because we felt like adding some colors. So let's start with what we bought. First we bought sand/rocks that were neon, that were $4.94 because we needed to add some colors.Then we bought the back ground which was $6.29. Me and Alana decided to buy a background so that the fish would feel like he was in the wild. Next we bought a tank of course, and that was 32,99 dollars, and we had to buy a filter so the filter was 18,99 dollars. Since we wanted to have beautiful saltwater fish we bought one pack of saltwater. Then we got some food. At the end we bought decoration for the tank. We bought a turtle statue , fake plants, waterfall mountain, and a castle. Now let's move on to the fish we bought. We bought a fish that was $4.23, it was 1 in and it was named the blue fish. We decided to buy a blue fish because we thought it was going to look great for both theme the neon them, and the under sea theme. The we ot a fish that was $13.59 and it was 1 in, it was named Green Mandarin fish. We bought this fish because it was green and it looked great for our neon theme. Then we got one fish that was 10.00dollars, it was 2 in, and it is named the strawberry fish. We did not bought this fish because it looked good in our theme, we bought it because it was really pretty. Next we bought a fish that was$7.99, it was 3 in and it was called crowntail betta. Next we bought a Fish called Bloodfin Intra, that fish was 1.oo dollars and it was 2 in. Then we got a glow light tetra, it was 1.00 and 2 in. Next I got a color galactic fish it was 9.00 dollars and it was 3 in. Lastly I got a black snail it was $2.19 and it was 1 in.I used 20 gallons of water to support the fishes This was our themes and all the decoration and fish we got.


This is my diorama, it has lots of amazing creatures and organism.
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