Educator Brochure

Classroom Considerations for Students with BD

Increasing awareness of classroom considerations can benefit both students and educators

Classroom Climate may be a major contributing factor to student classroom success. Be conscientious of where students are sitting in the classroom, student proximity to crisis rooms and the office. Peer support can be very important, placing students with BD next to positive peer models can be influential. Teachers can even set up their classroom in a manner that is not over-stimulating, and allows adequate space for a student who tends to escalate easily.


Research is indicating that Inclusion models are optimal, students benefit from learning with and from their peers. Self-esteem is often a deficit of students with BD, inclusive classroom can help increase self-esteem and self-concept by remaining "on equal teams" with their general education classmates,



Students with BD can greatly benefit from supports. Para educators, specialists, and co-teachers can provide additional instruction, behavior support and assistance to teachers and students. Budget cuts and a heavy caseloads can affect the amount of one-on-one support students receive.


Having a clearly structured behavior plan in place for students with BD will greatly support students and staff. Pre-planning and assessment are key tools to keeping students schedules and reinforcements consistent.