zombie apocalypse survival guide

what to do during a zombie apocalypse

Great Plains

The first region we will be talking about is the great plains.This region is known for tornadoes,dry grasslands,and high elevation.It is west of the interior lowlands.East of the rocky mountains.Some Key features of this region are it's flat lands that gradually increase in elevation westward.It's known for dry glass lands.1-10 this region would be a 3 because it is a area that is known for tornadoes.So this region is not really a good idea.Also because it is flat land so that gives zombies a good advantage of getting you.Even though you can build barriers on almost every land form.

Interior Lowlands

Our next region is the interior lowlands.This is a very hilly region with grassy lands and valleys.It is west of the Appalachian mountains and east of the great plains.This also includes some rolling flat lands,rivers,broad valleys,and some grassy hills.A water form this region has is the Mississippi river.This region will be a 5 cause of its hills and rivers.The hills may keep you away from the zombies.So you could try building a border on that.The rivers are because they give you water to stay hydrated and a transportation source.

The Last Region!

Canadian Shield

Our last region is the Canadian Shield!This is a rocky region with lakes and bays.It also is shaped like a horse shoe.It wraps around the southern portions of the Hudson bay and the great lakes.Besides looking like a horse shoe it also looks like a shield!Some key features of this region are some of its oldest rock formations in North America.Also has hills that were worn by erosion.Hundreds of lakes were carved by melted glaciers.This region is a 5 mostly because it is cold and that's really your main issue.The good thing is that it has lakes and bays.So that provides fish and fresh water to drink.