Ms. Angle's Kindergarten Newsletter

Success=Parents+Teachers Helping Kids Learn 9-28-15

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We are working hard on our ABC Bootcamp. We will study and learn one letter a day. Next week we will learn about Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww and Xx. We are doing a great job. We will do a Fashion Show with letter Headbands. I will be sending home a letter about that on Monday. We changed it up a bit and it will be so cool to see!


We are starting to work on our Writing Workshop. This week we will stretch out our words and also use the ABC Chart to help us with our sounds. We will be starting to write our own books too! We have talked about writers and authors.


We are working on our classroom routines, writing the numbers 0-10 and counting aloud. Please work on all of these things at home if your child struggles with these skills. Did you see our writing of the numbers 1-10? We are really doing a great job on this. Keep up the good work Kindergartners.

Important Dates:

Sept. 25: PTO Mum Sale

Sept. 26: All School Pancake Breakfast at Pioneer Trail

Sept. 29: Science, Math and Technology Night at Pioneer Trail, 5:30-7:00

Oct. 2: SMILE, Fall Picture Day!


Sept. 3: Wuendell

Sept. 8: Sam

Just for Parents and Grandparents:

We are plugging right along with Kindergarten. We are working hard on following directions the first time given. Please continue to read and sign the behavior calendars nightly. Talk with your child and see what he/she is going a good job with and what she/he can improve upon in school!

FROM THE PRINCIPALS: Instruction begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:05. Any time a child arrives late or leaves early it affects their attendance. Every minute counts! Thanks for you help with this effort. It takes a TEAM!

SNACK Reminder:

Parents and Grand Parents: Please remember to keep the snack you send as simple as possible. You may send ONE item per day for snack. We typically take only 5-10 minutes to eat this quick snack. Thanks so much!

Library Time:

Library will typically be on MONDAYS. We will also check out on Wednesdays. If your child finishes her/his book send it back. We will get new ones on Mondays and Wednesdays.
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Look at our Data. We have a long way to go as a grade level team but together we can accomplish so much. Please work at home on letters and sounds. I know we can do it. I will keep you updated as we work hard on our letters this Semester. Stay tuned...