SMART Board Update

SMART Notebook 11

It's Time to Update

The SMART Notebook 11 update is available for you to install. If you have any problems installing the update, remember to put in a Help Desk ticket. This update could take up to 30 minutes.

To begin the update, open the SMART Notebook.

  • Select the Help tab.
  • Choose Check Updates and Activation
  • Select the Update button for Smart Notebook

IMPORTANT: After you've updated to Notebook 11, open your Gallery tab. Make sure you have all four (4) of the following folders in your Gallery: My Content, Gallery Essentials, Lesson Activity Toolkit, Lesson Activity Examples. If you are missing any of these folders, turn in a Help Desk ticket.

SMART Notebook 11 Tutorial

Teq - Webinar 33: Introduction to SMART Notebook 11

Activity Builder

One of the new exciting features on SMART Notebook 11 is the Activity Builder. This new tool allows you to create your own customized sorting activity.
Smart Notebook 11 Activity Builder Tutorial

SMART Gallery 2.0

When you first install the SMART Notebook software on your computer, you gain access to well over 5,000 pictures and other media. The good people at SMART, thought you might need more of that, so they've introduced the SMART Gallery 2.0.

Gallery 2.0 broadens your search to countless online and offline resources. Accessing the Gallery is easy because all this searching happens right inside SMART Notebook. And, you can always save what you find to your My Content folder!

For more information on how to install and use the new Gallery 2.0, CLICK HERE.

SMART Notebook 11 Gallery 2.0 Beta

Additional Resources

If you need additional information on using SMART Notebook 11, look at my Jontracation web site. CLICK HERE